Friday, 30 August 2019

Taiwanese Almond Tofu 台湾杏仁豆腐

Besides Almond Creme which I love so much, I wanted to find more ways to consumed almond as it is very good for health.  So this round, it shall be Taiwanese Almond Tofu 台湾杏仁豆腐.

When I first saw this recipe with tapioca, I was really curious. This might be like those yam balls that I made many times before.  So with almond, I was curious about the flavour.

The author actually called it Almond Tofu but this version is a far cry from what I ate in Singapore where ours is more like agar agar.

I thank my wonderful German helper for being able to churn out such smooth almond juice and making this was pretty easy.


Learning experience: 

This will taste much better if the almond extract is added.  Overall, I don't find the almond taste very evident even though I followed to the T.

It has this chewy texture and definitely goes well with the peaches which I strongly recommend to add more.

It does not have that "smooth" feel like Singapore Almond Tofu though.  If you are expecting something like feel, this is not.

So that is why I named it Taiwanese Almond Tofu instead-but errr.... I have never tasted one in Taiwan though so correct me if I am wrong.

What you need:

130g sweet apricot kernels
20g bitter apricot kernels
600g water
240g tapioca starch

300g water
80g rock sugar


Prepare a steamer.  Line a pan.

Rinsed apricot kernels and soak overnight

Add water and apricot kernels in the blender and blitz under very fine. (I used thermomix so it was very fast).

Pass through a muslin bag and into a non-stick pan.

Add in starch and stir until totally dissolved.

Turn out the heat and stir constantly until dough is formed.

Remove and transfer to a pan and using damp hands pressed the dough evenly into the pan.

Steam for 20 mins.

Prepare a syrup with the rock sugar and water.  Boil until sugar dissolved.  Set aside.

Remove almond tofu from the steamer, Pour cold water onto the surface and cut into the desired shape.

Serve with peaches and syrup.



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