Thursday, 21 October 2021

Milk Bread Stick

Needed to some bread for breakfast tomorrow as my gal is having her off day.   Let's have some Milk Bread Stick this time round.  It was apparently very popular in Japan two years ago.

Findings: When freshly baked, the bread has a crusty layer and it is soft inside.  Paired with the luxurious cream is delicious.  

The only drawback, the next day, bread turns slightly hard but is still chewy once cool down completely.  Be generous with the cream.

Overall, still yummy.

What you need:

150g bread flour
50g cake flour
10g sugar
3g salt  
3g instant yeast
100g milk
50g boiling water

Milk cream

100g unsalted butter
20g condensed milk
10g sugar


In a small cup, stir instant yeast with 50g milk (out of 100g).  Set aside till foamy.

In a mixing bowl, combine bread flour, cake flour, and salt.

Add in the boiling water and stir.  

Add in the yeast solution and then the milk.  

Knead until the dough looks smooth.  Shape into a ball.  Cover and proof for 1 hour.

Lightly dust the countertop and remove dough.  

Degas and cut into 6 portions.

Shape into ball and cover.  Let it rest for 5 mins.

Roll into a disc (about 10 cm) and fold into 3s.  Using the scraper, lightly cut in the center.  Pinch the two lengthwise sides together.  

Roll into an 8" length.

Place on lined baking sheet and cover.  Proof for 45 mins.

To make the milk cream, whisk softened butter until light and fluffy.  If it starts to melt, do it over an bowl with ice water.

Whisk in sugar and condense milk until fully incorporated.  

Transfer to a piping bag.  Put in a chiller.

Lightly dust bread flour on them.  Score a few lines across.

Bake at 190 deg for 13 - 15 mins.

Cool completely and slit lengthwise.

Pipe in the cream.



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