Friday 21 November 2014

Japanese soft rich bread

These days I try to bake my own bread as I find that the bread lately is no longer the same quality as before and it gets me worried.

Cookpad is one of my inspiration sites but because I am illiterate with the Japanese language and way too lazy to get it translated.  Thanks to kind blogger like Victoria Bakes, who is such a linguist, it does help to have it translated for people like me to attempt.  Thanks Vic!

I was too lazy to crank up my oven and decided to use the air fryer, a pity that the coil is too low for me to bake a decent looking loaf of bread.  Mine ended up having some burnt marking. arrgghhh!  

Philips, hope you will work on this design to allow us to bake bread for I really love this kitchen gadget.

Learning experience: 

The dough is actually very wet.  This reminded me of the 85% hydration recipe.  I used the mixer to do the job this time round as didn't want to have it sticks to my hand as I have the tendency to add in more flour.  Using just the spatula to shape it into a ball and proof for an hour.

I can already feel that this will yield a soft bread while handling the soft dough.  

The texture is really soft and fluffy but a little on the salty side (perhaps I added in 1g of salt more with my shaky hand).  

When eaten fresh, this loaf has a nice crust, perhaps due to the butter.  The inner is soft and fluffy.  I really like this recipe.

I will try using cake flour next round to see the difference.  Overall, this is another keeper.

Source: Victoria Bakes and Cookpad  

What you need: (makes a 1.5 lb toast)

350g bread flour
45g rice flour
1 egg
milk ~ note that milk + egg should come to 270ml
30g sugar
45g unsalted butter plus additional butter for the inserting into the slash.
5g salt
5g dry yeast


Mix and knead all ingredients together till you achieve window pane stage.  Allow to proof till double in size

Punch dough down and divide into 4 equal portions.  Allow to rest for 15 mins

Roll out each portion of dough after resting and swiss roll tightly.

Place into greased loaf pan and allow to rise for second time at 35°C for about 40 mins (or till the dough is reaching the top of the pan).  I didn't monitor the temp as I have an area in my house that is good with bread proofing.

Slash the top of the loaf and top with butter.

Bake in preheated oven of 180°C for 30 mins.

Once it’s baked, drop pan from a height of 30cm to release steam and unmould to cool

Note: I used the airfryer at 170 deg for 15mins.  

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  1. wow, look at your bread edith! its got a gorgeous texture. u make me wanna bake it again and again. i nvr know how to use my airfryer to bake bread. it truly has literally turned into a white elephant... must learn from u how to utilize it better. tks for the shout out :D

  2. Hi Edith, I see this bread is so soft. Bookmarked to try it.
    I use Google to visit Cookpad website and it asked if I want to translate to English, click yes and the whole Cookpad website is auto English instead of Japanese language.

  3. I love every type of bread! This looks so good!

    1. We love bread too. For me especially Artisan, need to find time to explore that area.

  4. hmm..sounds like this is another bread recipe to try..and i just attempted the champion loaf for the first time.

  5. yes,it's look so soft & fluffy,I should try this one day :)


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