Friday, 22 March 2013

Love Cake

Time flies and the first quarter school holiday is coming to an end.  I realised that I haven't touched my oven for nearly a month!  This is a very trying period because I was itching to bake so badly but yet my health didn't condone to it. 

I am slowly gaining back strength though I still can't sit too long and needed lumbar support if do.  

Hubby kept telling me it is a slow healing process and with my hyper personality, this is tough.  Maybe it is a sign that I need to slow down now.  LOLz.

Anyway, during this break, I learnt alot from my childhood friend GL.  She introduced me to many video clips that I can work towards my goal of Fabulous 50.  

Before I taken ill, GL introduced a place where we can get good deal for nail colours as well as some make up items.  When DP and CR came to visit me last weekend, DP actually bought along a whole range of interesting nail colours for us to try on.   DP was so sweet to even give me a present that can protect my nail.  Thanks dear.

I am totally blessed to have great girlfriends like them.

Leaving the corporate world, I realised that I totally neglected how to self love.  Thus I am making up lost time and like little excited teenager, I am once again introduced back to all the beauty regimens that I had abandoned for so many years and now I am totally immense in this new discovery of all the “high tech” innovation that is happening in this era. 

Let’s hope all is not lost and I will be looking fabulous when I am 50.

Enough of beauty talk now.  After I get back in shape, I have a mission and that is to find out how to bake this Love Cake that ML bought back from her Sri Lanka holiday.  It is always nice to have someone thinking of you when they are having fun.    Thanks ML!

According to ML, this cake needs about 20 ingredients.  After the sampling, I can only list out a few items and I have a long way to go. 

This cake is dense and moist as you can see from the picture, like a sugee cake but it is loaded with lots of nuts, melon strips and I think I got some raisin bits to it too.  Has a strong hint of cardamom as well.

My first instinct when I tasted this cake was marzipan but I might be wrongly mistaken. 

I figure out why this is called Love cake could be the preparation process as the nuts and fruits are cut to precise nibblet size.   

Now to all my readers who had tried this cake before, do let me know your views. 

Sorry that I couldn’t share any new tried and tested recipes.  I hope to do so real soon.

Thanks to all your well wishes over at facebook, sms and emails, really appreciated your concern.

Note:  THis cake is super rich, I only managed half of this slice.

God bless you all.



  1. oh edith, it's so good to hear that you are getting back into something that interest you. yea, although we age, it would be nice if we age gracefully and beautifully, lol! i 've not heard of Love Cake, but i love the name..haha! well all the cakes we make can also be called love cake cos we make those with lots of love..:)

    1. Lena, through this illness, I discovered a new me. hahaha.. a little too late but better than never. Can't wait to achieve my fabulous 50. hahaha. I totally agree with you on that love cake.

  2. Hi Edith,
    Great that you are enjoying yourself all over again! I have never heard of Love Cake, I thought it was baked in a love-shaped pan when I read the title of your post! LOL!
    I guess this cake is made with lots of love with so many ingredients!
    Take care!

    1. Thanks KF I am enjoying new discovery and loving every min of it. Strangely I didn't know I was so intrigue by this at this age. hahahha.. Well a good alternative to dispel my energy.


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