Monday, 2 September 2019

Pork Floss bun

I was given many packets of pork floss and now I have to think of ways to finish it up.

I like the idea of encasing the pork floss as it is less messy and it is easy to eat on the go.

I am sure this Pork Floss bun will be a welcome in my family. 

Learning: need to learn to shape it nicely.  Also be more generous with the mayonnaise.

The texture of this bun is nice and soft.   Since there is no butter, I am sure it will stay soft even till tomorrow.

What you need:

250g bread flour
15g sugar
3g salt
4g instant yeast
35g yogurt
50g egg (1 pc)
95g water


Combine all and knead to window pane.

Shape into a ball and cover.  Cover and let it proof for 1 hr.

Remove and degas.   Divide into 8 pcs.

Shape into ball.  Cover and let it rest for 20 mins.

Roll and flip over and pull into a rectangle.

Spread mayonnaise and spread pork floss.   Roll into a cylinder.  Seal tight and seal both ends.  Roll to tension shape.

Place into pan and proof for 40 – 45 mins.

Brush egg wash.

Bake at 200°C for 15 – 18 mins.


Friday, 30 August 2019

Taiwanese Almond Tofu 台湾杏仁豆腐

Besides Almond Creme which I love so much, I wanted to find more ways to consumed almond as it is very good for health.  So this round, it shall be Taiwanese Almond Tofu 台湾杏仁豆腐.

When I first saw this recipe with tapioca, I was really curious. This might be like those yam balls that I made many times before.  So with almond, I was curious about the flavour.

The author actually called it Almond Tofu but this version is a far cry from what I ate in Singapore where ours is more like agar agar.

I thank my wonderful German helper for being able to churn out such smooth almond juice and making this was pretty easy.


Lesson learnt: This will taste much better if almond extract is added.  Overall, I don't find the almond taste very evident even though I followed to the T.

It has this chewy texture and definitely goes well with the peaches which I strongly recommend to add more.

It does not have that "smooth" feel like Singapore Almond Tofu though.  If you are expecting something like feel, this is not.

So that is why I named it Taiwanese Almond Tofu instead but errr.... I have never tasted one in Taiwan though so correct me if I am wrong.

What you need:

130g sweet apricot kernels
20g bitter apricot kernels
600g water
240g tapioca starch

300g water
80g rock sugar


Prepare a steamer.  Line a pan.

Rinsed apricot kernels and soak overnight

Add water and apricot kernels in the blender and blitz under very fine. (I used thermomix so it was very fast).

Pass through a muslin bag and into a non stick pan.

Add in starch and stir until totally dissolved.

Turn out the heat and stir constantly until a dough is formed.

Remove and transfer to a pan and using damp hands pressed the dough evenly into the pan.

Steam for 20 mins.

Prepare syrup with the rock sugar and water.  Boil until sugar dissolved.  Set aside.

Remove almond tofu from steamer, Pour cold water onto the surface and cut into desired shape.

Serve with peaches and syrup.


Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Nasi Lemak Sambal

I did a Nasi Lemak cake some months back but I wanted to try another Nasi Lemak Sambal and so my dear friend AK shared one.

Thanks AK for this nice recipe.  My guests did enjoy it.

Learnings: Am happy how this turned out.  The spiciness is just right and so were the sweetness. 

Heard that my BIL was enjoying this alot too.

What you need:

15g dried chillies, deseed and cut into pieces
100g shallots, sliced
5g belachan, lightly toast
100ml water
*1 tsp tamarind paste
*¼ cup water > extract juice
5 tbsp oil
100g onion, sliced
Salt and sugar to taste


Rinse the dried chillies and boil to soften.  Drain.

In a blender, combine chillies, shallots, belachan and water and blitz until fine paste.

Heat oil in wok and add the chilli paste and fry over low heat, stirring constantly until a layer of oil formed and paste turned dark.

Add in the sliced onion and continue to cook until it softens.

Season with salt, sugar and tamarind juice.

Remove from heat and let it cool completely before serving.


Friday, 23 August 2019

Black Fungus with brown sugar Dessert 黑糖黑木耳露

Black fungus is very good for health and we have been eating it regularly.    Black Fungus with brown sugar Dessert 黑糖黑木耳露 as a dessert is new to me and I was curious.

I served this for a recent party and was glad that it was well received.

Learnings: Sieved through if you wanted a really smooth texture but I prefers some bits to it. 

I added in more ginger as I prefer a stronger ginger taste.

Remember to chill for any leftover.


What you need:

40g dried black fungus
500g - 800g water (adjust to your preference, as I prefer thicker)

30g ginger, remove skin and slice
80g brown sugar
4 stalks pandan leaves
500g water


Soak black fungus until it bloom and soft.  Remove the hard stem.

First cook the ginger syrup, bring to boil ginger, brown sugar, pandan leaves and water.  Lower heat and simmer for 10 mins.  Set aside

Blend the black fungus with water until fine.  (I used Thermomix at 1min/sp10).

Boil for 15 mins/100 deg/Sp 1.

Add in the brown sugar syrup and continue to boil for another 10 mins.

Serve hot or cold.


Thursday, 15 August 2019

Wu Pao Chun Spring Onion Bun wannabe 蔥麵包

I am sure by now, many would have known that Chef Wu Pao Chun's famous bakery is already in town.    The bakery is impressively big and spacious but don't expect hot drinks served there as it seems that they only served cold.

Anyway, their signature loaf (Logan with red wine) is sold at a hefty S$20.80 for a loaf.  With only 2 of us at home most days, I foresee, it will end up in the bin for the remaining.  So I was away with only some of their selection.  Nothing to shout about for those.

Besides the award winning bread, another hot favourite was their Spring Onion Bun 蔥麵包 (soft and fluffy).

Done some research and found the recipe online, unfortunately, Chef uses two types of special flour which I cannot get hold in Singapore.

I modified from here.

Findings: The one I attempted is soft but it wasn't fluffy like the original.  Next attempt, I shall switch to Tangzhong method instead.

Also I did not shape into a ruby ball and mine looks pathetic next to the it.

Also I think need to select really young spring onion and I need to spread out the spring onion more evenly among the buns.  Mine was more fibrous as it overcooked but it does gives out a really nice aroma as per hub's feedback.

Overall, am glad that these buns that I brought to a party turned out well though not the store standard.

What you need:

245g bread flour
17g sugar
3.5g instant yeast
25g egg yolk
115g water

105g bread flour
70g sugar
3.5g salt
41g melted butter
77g water

67g Spring onion, cut to 0.5cm
10g Egg white
10g shallot oil


Combine A and knead to a dough.  Transfer to airtight box and chill overnight.

Next day, tear the dough into pieces.

Combine B (except butter) in the mixing bowl, add in the dough pieces and knead until smooth.

Add in butter and knead until window pane stage.

Transfer to counter top, shape into a ball and let it rest for 10 mins.

Divide into 43g each (I will made it bigger next round), shape into ball and let it proof for 30 mins.

Shape into a ruby ball shape, place onto lined baking sheet and slash in the centre.  Cover and let it proof for 1 hour.

In a bowl, combine chopped spring onion, egg white, shallot oil and pepper.

Preheat oven to 200°C.

Divide spring onion portion according to the number of buns.

Scoop and place on top.

Bake for 13 mins.


Logan and Almond Sourdough Loaf

My sourdough starter has been hibernating in the fridge for a long time.  Today, I decided to give it a little wake up call.  I wasn't sure whether it died on me so I did not get any recipe ready on hand.

The first feed did not look good but after the 2nd feed, it suddenly went really active.  So I quickly went online to find a recipe.

Last weekend, I bought a bag of dried logan and bingo, I found B's recipe almost immediately.  I modified it a little from B's. 

Findings: While baking, the first aroma was the almond.  Really nice.

The texture turned out really well.  Soft even the next day. 

Thanks B for sharing this great recipe.


What you need:

250g bread flour
140g active sourdough starter
42g castor sugar
30g unsalted butter
68g brewed tea (I used my leftover brewed milk from another attempt)
68g hot water
78g dried longan
30g almond nibs
1 tsp salt


Pour the hot water over the dried longan to hydrate. Soak for 30 sec and drain, keep the water.

Combine all the ingredients (with the water from the logan), except butter and longan, into the mixing bowl.  Knead until the ingredients forms a dough.

Add in butter and continue to knead until near window pane.

Transfer dough to counter top and spread the dough into a rectangle, add the longan and almond nibs.  Roll into a log and fold into 3s.

Continue to knead until the logan and almond are well distributed.  Shape into a ball.

Let it rest for 15 mins.  

Grease a 9.5X3.5X3.5” bread pan.

Pat gently and tension shape into a log that fits the bread pan. 

Transfer into the pan and cling wrap.  Let it proof until it touches the clingwrap.  Mine took 4 hours at 32°C.

Preheat oven to 190°C.  Bake for 35 mins.  Tent at 10 mins for my oven.

Remove from tin and cool completely on rack before storing.


Monday, 5 August 2019

Cold Chicken Salad

Saw this video on Instagram and since it is in Japanese, I have to guess my way to create it.

This Cold Chicken Salad is simply delish on this hot weather.  Good enough for lunch or dinner.

After attempting it, I think this can be an easy dish to bring to a party.

What you need:

2 Chicken Thigh or chicken breast
½ tsp salt
2 Japanese cucumber (I only have cucumber on hand)
Cherry Tomatoes
1 spring Spring onion
1 tbsp mirin

½ tsp sugar
½ tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp soy sauce
½ tsp white pepper
½ tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp toasted white sesame


Cut the spring onion, leaving the stalk for the seasoning.

Season chicken with salt, place the spring onion on the chicken and steam until cooked.

To prepare the seasoning:

Dice finely the spring onion stalk.

Combine the rest of the seasoning together.

Once chicken is cooked, removed 3 tbsp of the juice and add into the seasoning.

Shred the chicken up and place it back into the remaining juice.

Cut cucumber the into wedges and slice tomatoes into half.  Arrange on serving plate.

Place shredded chicken on top.

Drizzle in the seasoning.