Wednesday 10 July 2013

Logan Almond Jelly 杏仁豆腐

I haven't been making Jelly for the longest time.  hahahah... I haven't been making alot of things for my kids these days.  Bad mom.

When I saw Cook with no books' Agar Agar, I think it is about time I that I made some for my kiddos.

You see, I am not good at this, I always cannot get the ratio of liquid to agar agar right.  

My girl loves fresh and canned logan.  Without failed, each visit to the dessert stall, this will be a standard request and now I precisely know what I am going to make.  Logan Almond Jelly 杏仁豆腐!  Its sure been a long time since we last had time at home.

Thanks to Cook with No Books for the given information, I finally got what I wanted.

What you need:

15g agar strips
800ml water
200ml evaporated milk
90g sugar 
5ml almond extract


Pre soak agar strips for 30 minutes.  Squeeze dry.

In a big pot, bring water and agar to a slow boil.   

Add sugar and cook until agar and sugar are totally dissolved.

Bring liquid to a boil again. 

Add evaporated milk, boil for a split second.

Turn off heat and add in almond extract.

Transfer to molds and leave it to set. 

Put in fridge once it is cooled enough to be chilled.  

Cut almond jelly into cube and served with canned logan.

Serve cold.



  1. Hi Edith,

    Me too... Always like follow the packet instruction and roughly roughly add this and this to make my agar agar :p Good to know this ratio is good.


  2. Niceeee....I was planning for this as well but have to wait till working day off. hehe...

  3. if i am using agar powder, how much to substitute?

  4. That looks delicious and refreshing! Longans is my favorite too!

  5. Ahhhh!!! I've this in my post...coming up soon. Happened to eat it at some place here...but of course, their presentation's not as nice. Tasted good, but not cheap though - for me, at least.

    1. Beside the can of logan, this is relatively a cheap dessert.

  6. haha! Hubby saw this post and says he wants it for dessert tomorrow :D

  7. Thank you for the Cook with No books’ link. The Logan almond jelly looks like it would be truly delicious. Thank you for including the recipe. And also thank you for providing the method for making the jelly as well. It seems like this recipe would be fairly easy to make.

    1. Jennifer, do visit Cook with No books as she has many interesting recipes that might interest you.


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