Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mango Crepes

Kids are staying home for a month and I have to work my brain hard to provide food all day long.  

Lucky for me, I am now so much stronger than before and with the cough improving, my energy seems to be going back to normal!  Yes, finally after a year of feeling low and down, I am more posititve that my life can "go back to normal".  

Though I know that things won't be back as before and I still must be very careful with my movement and the activities I can do now.  Guess from now, I must know my NEW limits in life.   Well, at least the joy I am having right now is awesome.

I still have a few mangoes in the fridge and wanted to clear up the space for a cake and thus this is what I make for dessert.

I lost a very good crepe recipe that I once posted in my old blog and I can't seem to find it anymore (so sad). 

Thus for this crepe recipe, I am using Nigella's.  The batter was oddly very thick and I have to add on more milk to it.

Overall, the texture is okay but it is still not what I am looking for.

What you need:

30g unsalted butter, melted and cool

150g plain flour
325ml milk (I added to make it 340ml or more)
1 egg, beaten


Whisk flour, milk and eggs to form a smooth batter.

Sieve batter to remove lumps.

Add in melted butter and stir to incorporate.

Heat flat non stick pan and brush some butter on it.

Add 2 - 3 tbsp batter and swirl round the pan.

Cook till it turns brown and flip over and continue to cook further.

Remove and set aside.

Chantilly cream

150g whipping cream

1 tbsp icing sugar

Fresh Mango cubes


Whip cream with icing sugar till stiff.  Chill in fridge till ready to serve


Place crepe flat on a plate, spread a generous amount of chantilly cream, spoon a generous amount mango cubes.

Fold into half and then quarter.

Serve cold.


  1. What a lobely crepe you have here! Good to know you have your life back.

    1. Thanks Tze. HOw have you been?


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