Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Prawn Noodle

My favourite noodle is HK noodle (香港) or bee hoon (米粉).  For prawn noodles, I always have it in bee hoon and it must be soup.  This way, I can tell whether it is a good bowl of prawn noodle or not.

Bought some prawns and decided to cook Prawn Noodle Soup.  After all, I had a bag of prawn shells in the freezer that I wanted to clear up.

The prawns that I bought were a disappointment.  I must bring a tape measure next time or make a mental note how much it will shrink once cooked.  I might even consider switching market now. These days, either it is very big or tiny ones available in the market that I go to.   Where have all the medium sized prawns gone to?    Come to think about it, I actually should not complain because years ago, a daughter of a fisherman told me that it is better to eat small prawns than big ones because the flesh is more tender than big ones.

Anyway, I forgotten to buy fish cake to make this dish a more authentic one and I didn't cook the broth long enough because son came home early and I need to advance my dinner time before he heads off for his tuition.

So now, let's tuck in.

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