Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pulut Tekan

I need to find recipes to finish up my glutinous rice, I need to finish up my coconut milk and I have half a jar of Kaya left from my last attempt and I needed to finish it up fast as well.  So making some Pulut Tekan is the best decision as it is easy to prepare and needed all the ingredients that I mentioned.

For the rice base, I used Travelling Foodies's recipe and as for the kaya, please refer to here.

The taste for Pulut Tekan is very much like pulut serikaya but the kaya is much thinner of course.

This is my first time making Pulut Tekan.  Before this, I didn’t even know this kueh exist.  But I must say this is really easy and fast to made, definitely able to impress your guest if you have a bottle of kaya around.


What you need:

4 eggs (65g)
100g sugar
60g gula melaka
250g thick coconut milk
5 pandan leaves


Over a double boiler, whisk eggs and sugar until dissolved.

Add coconut milk into egg mixture and whisk till combined.  Sieved.

Cook the egg mixture until it has thickened, stirring occassionally for 1 hours over slow heat.

Remove from double boiler and cool thoroughly.

Keep it chilled in fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Serve with a slab of butter on a toasted white bread.

Note: If you like smooth texture, give it a whiz in the blender.

Rice Base 
What you need:

300g glutinous rice, rinsed
200ml thin coconut milk (170ml Kara “Santan Kelapa Murni” Coconut Cream  diluted slightly with 30 ml water)
1 tsp salt
3-4 pieces of pandan leaves
25-30 bunga telang (blue butterfly pea flower), can be replaced with blue food coloring or omitted totally


In a saucepan, place water and bunga telang in it and bring the water to a boil before turning down the flame to low. Allow to simmer slightly with lid on for 3-5 min before turning off flame and steep for 10-15 min. Leave to cool down slightly before use. It may help to sit the pot on a folded wet towel to cool it down more quickly.

Rinse the glutinous rice to remove excess starch and impurities present, until water is reasonably clear.

Divide the washed glutinous rice into 2 parts. Place 1 parts in a bowl and add water until rice grains are completely submerged. Place the remaining last part in a separate bowl and add bunga telang juice over it. Top up with some water if necessary, ensuring that all the rice grains are covered in the blue liquid.

Leave both bowls of soaked glutinous rice to sit for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight.

On the actual day of cooking,

Drain the glutinous rice that had soaked overnight and spread out onto two separate plates for steaming. Crush or shred the pandan leaves slightly and stuff them between the rice grains.

Add salt to thinned coconut milk and give it a good stir.

Divide the coconut milk into 2 parts, and drizzle 1 parts into the plate with “white rice” and one part into the plate with “blue rice”.

Stir thoroughly to combine coconut milk with rice grains.

Place the plates into a steamer and steam at high heat for 20 min.


After rice is cooked, spread it into a 7" oiled square tin.  You can either choose white or blue in whatever manner.  

Pressed firmly to compact the steamed rice.  

Wait till it cool down, cut and spread kaya over it.


How was your weekend?  Mine went by way too quickly.



  1. I loves the kuih very much or any food that uses glutinous rice. I cant remember when was the last time I had this. There's another name to call for this kuih and it is "Pulut Tai Tai".

  2. morning edith, me too was wondering if this is the same as pulut tai tai as we call them over here..There are also coffee shops around here which sell just plain glutinous rice served with kaya, a favourite among many for breakast.

    1. Lena, actually this is my first time getting to know Pulut Tai Tai or Pulut Tekan too. I always thought that Pulut Serikaya is the only one with kaya. So this is new to me as well.

  3. i'd rather eat yours... it looks perfect

    1. Vic, yours is to die for. All so cute.

  4. Hello, Edith! We called this kueh Pulut Tai Tai, after eating can be a rich tai tai :DDD
    This is a delicious kueh to go with kaya!
    p/s: for the teacups is 7cm diameter, not very small one but the one same size as yum cha teacups.

    1. Hahha Tze, i wish I got rich eating that but unfortunately still the same old me. hehehehe Thanks for taking the effort to measure out the cups. I need to go hunting for it.

  5. Hi Edith, this is so yummy and your home made kaya is so tempting !

  6. I have been wanted to make this for ages! My kids not appreciate kueh and that holding me from making.

    1. Viv, my kids are also the same but I just need to continue to introduce them new food so that in the future, they won't be such sua ku.

  7. Pulut Tekan! My favourite!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Cant wait to have kids so that I can make them pluck the purple flowers and help tekan tekan the pulut when its ready. HAHAHA..

    1. hahaa you don't need to wait till you have kids. You can make it for family too.


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