Saturday, 31 May 2014

Alkaline Rice Dumpling 碱水粽

There are so many varieties of rice dumplings these days that people are spoil with choices.  

For me, I am still very traditional and not too adventurous when comes to such festive goodies.  Besides the savory ones and the sweet Nonya version, another that I love is the Alkaline Rice Dumpling 碱水粽

Some comes with sweet red bean fillings, some comes with sweet mung bean fillings or even just plain.

I love the red bean and the plain best.   I still remember eating the plain with plenty of fine sugar when I was young.

A simple snack but with greatest enjoyment.

Mom told me some pointers when making Alkaline rice dumpling are:
  • One needs to pick up the rice grain from the glutinous rice grain to ensure the Q texture.
  • Do not add too much alkaline as the dumpling will become too bitter.  Also personally, I don't like the alkaline to be too intense as well.  
Could it be, become I have smaller hands?  Well I love to console myself with this reasoning.

For first timer who decide to try their hand at wrapping rice dumpling, this version is the best to start with.  

Practice makes perfect.  For me, I think my sister fare much better than me when wrapping dumplings and she is faster too.  

What you need:

500g glutinous rice, soak overnight
12g lye (available in supermarket)

Sweet Red Bean paste or Sweet mung bean paste (Optional)

50 pcs bamboo leaves, soaked overnight (one packet is sufficient)
Raffia string, 3 meters fold into half and knot it. 


Drain rice.  Set aside in a big bowl.

Pound the orange lye with a pestle until it breaks into small pieces.  Add 1½

tbsp hot water, stir until it dissolved.  Pour approx 4 tsp of lye water into the rice and mix thoroughly.  (Do not add too much or else your dumpling will have a bitter taste)

Using two leaves, shaped them into a cone.  Add rice and bind dumpling with raffia string.

Fill half a pot of water, bring to boil and add in the dumplings.  Boil for an hour or until cooked. (I needed 1½ hrs)

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  1. indeed simple but yet a satisfying snack... very nicely wrapped... happy festival edith :)


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