Thursday, 19 June 2014

Laver Egg Roll

My kids love omelette or rather eggs!  Guess they were deprived of it when they were young.  Yes I don't feed eggs to my kids when they were tiny tots.

Even my little ones know how to prepare an omelette for breakfast.  So I took this opportunity to offer her variety for future reference.

Spotted Eugenie Kitchen's Laver Egg Roll and I knew that I need to do it right away because I broke an egg while trying to bake.

This is really easy and tasted good too.

Only setback is that because I am not proficient in holding chopsticks, I used a tong and I tend to break it.  Then again, I guess no one can tell. :)

What you need:

3 eggs
laver sheets (I used those small packets)
salt and pepper
2 tbsp milk


Beat egg with milk and seasoning.

Heat non stick pan and coat a thin layer of oil with a kitchen towel.

Pour a layer of egg mixture (not too thin), just enough to coat the pan.

Break laver sheet and lay on the egg (need to work quickly)

Using a chopstick, slowly roll up the omelette, leave 1" and pour another round of egg.

Repeat until egg mixture is used up.

Once cool, cut the roll into sections.

* You can view the method via Eugenie Kitchen on youtube.


  1. It sure lloks pretty, Edith. I bet it tastes good too! Thank you so much for sharing...I'm sorry the Letter L is already taken. I do hope you will be choosing another letter:) I'll be doing an update of which letters are left tomorrow. I am also going to leave a comment of which letters are left in my post:)

    1. HI Edith!
      I do hope you will be joining us for the Picnic Game. I thought I would drop off the letters for you take a look at. Here are the letters that are left: I, J, N, O, U, V and Y. Don't worry about submitting, it's easy and I will help you:)

  2. hahaha.. did u break it? indeed, i can't tell at all.. it still look really good to me

    1. Vic, I did break it coz my chopstick skill sucks.

  3. Edith..I saw her video clip too. I have balanced seaweed and this is a good idea to make it into a Laver Egg Roll.


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