Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Potato Salad

Was feeling under the weather, I guess it has to do with the weather.  

Wasn't up to it to prepare lunch, so instead I made Potato Salad that was inspired by Maangi.

Personally I would love to follow her recipe precisely but since I don't have cucumber (not a favorite with my kids), I substituted it with carrots instead.

Verdict: It was seriously yummy.  I kept the remaining to make a sandwich tomorrow.

What you need:

250g potatoes

2 eggs
½ stick of carrot
white pepper
Japanese Mayonnaise


Boil eggs in water for 15 mins.

Peel potatoes and cut into 1" thick and rinsed to remove starch.  Place in a pot with water slightly covering the potatoes.   Bring to a boil and lower heat to simmer until potatoes are soft.

Peel and diced carrots.

Once hard boiled egg is ready.  Remove egg shells.  Gently cut open the egg to remove egg yolks.  Set aside.

Using a sieve, place egg yolks into it and using a spoon, pressed the yolks through.  Set aside.

Removed cooked potatoes and place them in a bowl.  Without throwing out the water, put diced carrot int.  Turn off heat.

Put egg white portion into the cooked potatoes, and mashed thoroughly.

Seasoned with pepper and mayonnaise.

Drain carrots and add into the potato salad, add in half of the egg yolk, mix well.

Garnish with the remaining egg yolk.

Serve either hot or cold.



  1. it looks simple and really good... i can eat these by mouthful!

  2. I knew I would love this salad very much. Looks yummy and beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.


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