Saturday, 2 August 2014

Cold Cucumber Pickles 涼伴黃瓜

Saw cucumber going at a really good price and bought a few home.  Then again, I wonder why I bought because beside hubby and I who eat cucumber, both my kids hated it.  

Sometime, the brain just cannot function on certain days.  Anyway in order not to waste it, I try my hand at making some pickles. 

Chanced upon a you tube that was told that Taiwanese likes Cold cucumber pickles 涼伴黃瓜.  I have never been to Taiwan so I can't tell whether this is popular or not.  

Nevertheless, this is not difficult to make at all.  

Now I wonder how many kids like cucumber as I find it strange my kids don't like them.  

Finding: It is crunchy and refreshing.  Definitely a good appetizer to serve for a meal.

Source: Taiwan Cooking

What you need:

2 Japanaese cucumber
1 carrot (optional but I added it in because I like carrots)
3 Red Chilli, deseed
Ginger, julienne thinnly
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar (to your preference)
3 tbsp vinegar (to your preference)


Cut cucumber into halves and then quarter, remove the core.  Using the back of a knife, bruise it a little. Slice into 1/2 X 3" thick

Place cucumber, red chilli, ginger into a plastic bag.

Add in 1 tbsp salt.   Shake thoroughly (this is to soften the cucumber)

Add in sugar (to your preference)

Add in the vinegar and continue to give the bag a thorough shake.

Store inside a clean dry jar and chilled.

Drizzle sesame oil before serving. (do not add sesame when storing or else it will go bad).

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest #10 Aug 2014 : Taiwan hosted by Travelling-foodies.



  1. My big kids don't really like cucumbers too ... but if served along with potato salad ... they can eat alot of diced cucumber. This pickle is crunchy and refreshing !

  2. Hi Edith!
    I'm with your kids on this one:) Not only do I not like cucumbers, I detest pickles too, lol...I know sooooo many people like them but..I must say though, they sure look snappy, lol...Thanks for sharing, Edith...

  3. My hubby like this type of crunchy cucumber....

  4. this is a refreshing condiment to go along with meat dishes especially! thanks for your submission, Edith!


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