Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fried Shanghai Nian Gao 炒上海年糕

My first experience with Fried Shanghai Nian Gao was a mess.  Back then, I didn't know how to cook it.  It was hard and I think I threw the whole batch out.

It was until I ate this in my friend, SL's house that I realised why I didn't do it well because of one factor.

Shanghai Nian Gao comes in dried form and you need to soak it well to soften it.  In fact, I soak it for a day before cooking.

After that, it is a breeze cooking this and it taste just wonderful.

What you need:
Serve 3

1 packet of Shanghai Nian Gao
Meat of your choice
Minced garlic
Onion, sliced
Pork broth


Soak Shanghai Nian Gao for a day.  Changing water once.

Marinate meat with soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil

Sliced leek

Heat wok with a little oil, sauteed onion until it is soft.  

Add in garlic and fried until fragrant.

Add in softened shanghai nian gao and add broth.

Once the broth boils, add in the meat and leek.  Stir well.  Give occasion stir while cooking.

Once broth dried up and shanghai nian gao is soft and cooked, season with soya sauce and pepper.   (If nian gao is not cooked, add more broth and continue cooking).

Serve hot.