Thursday, 14 August 2014


I wanted to try preparing Turon last month but some how I got caught up with too many activities.  The bunch of bananas just withered away before I had a chance to buy spring roll sheet.

Still lingering in my head, I finally had a chance to eat this.  Well girl has been on a very bland diet and so I thought this might be a good chance.

Findings: Well it was indeed good that we gobbled down so many pieces once it cooled down.   

I didn't deep fried it as the norm because my girl is still on not fully recovered.  Thus avoid the heatiness, I used air fried method.

Totally yum yum.

What you need:

Spring roll sheets
Brown sugar
Castor sugar


Place a tsp of brown sugar and castor sugar onto the spring roll sheet.

Put the banana on top and wrapped.

Brush a layer of oil onto the spring roll.

Air fried at 165 deg for 10 mins.  Turn another 5 - 10 mins until brown.



  1. Oh thanks so much for sharing this recipe. So good it could be fried in airfryer. I must give this a try once the bananas withered.

  2. Love that this recipe has only 4 ingredients - have to try it sometime!


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