Thursday, 5 March 2015

Glutinous Rice Balls with ginger sweet soup 汤圆

We don't celebrate 元宵, which is also the last day of the 15 days of Lunar New Year celebration.  I was told that it is also the Chinese Valentine's Day and people eat Glutinous Rice Balls with ginger sweet soup 汤圆 on this day.

Coincidentally, I chanced upon a cooking instruction just yesterday on how to cook QQ Glutinous Rice Balls with ginger sweet soup.  

I got interested in cooking this because after our Japan trip, my girl suddenly like mochi balls.  So it become easier to prepare this dessert.

To make it interesting, I added Peanut butter for hubby and girl.

and Gula Melaka for myself.

I love sesame fillings but I didn't have time for it because I was busy painting.  A new found hobby that I took up last Dec.

Verdict: I didn't like this recipe and thus I won't be sharing with you.  As to whether it is QQ.  I shall try on another recipe before I post my findings.

Happy 元宵节!

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  1. hhahahaha.. always so honest with your recipe... ok.. but i like the idea of peanut butter in the rice balls! something to keep in mind for the future tangyuan!


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