Friday, 1 May 2015

Claypot Chicken Rice

Ever since we moved out of our old place, my girl has been asking for Claypot Chicken Rice.  You see, in that area, they have a stall that sells really delicious Claypot Chicken Rice.  I can't blame her for missing it.  

I don't recall attempting Claypot rice before.  Took out my claypot and saw a hairline crack in it.  Haiz.... 

Thus I didn't want to boil the rice straight from the claypot as I was worried that it will leak.

So I cheated.

I precook the rice and added it in.  Top it off with chicken and salted fish.

Tada..... surprisingly, it tasted good.  

Easy peasy.

What you need:

4 bowl of cooked jasmine rice
2 chicken parts, deboned
2 chinese sausage, sliced
salted fish, diced
Vegetable, preferably kailan or chye sim
Oyster sauce
Soya Sauce
Sesame seed oil

Black soya sauce
Sesame seed oil


Precook the jasmine rice.

Marinate the chicken with oyster sauce, soya sauce, sesame seed oil and pepper.

With a heated wok, cook chicken.

Drizzle two table of water into the claypot.

Put cook jasmine rice into the claypot and arrange the chicken, sausages and salted fish.

Turn on heat and let it cook until you smell the aroma of burnt rice.

Blanched vegetable in water.

Once rice is ready, place blanched veg into the claypot.

Drizzle or sesame oil and black sauce over.

Serve hot.


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  1. Hi Edith,
    Your cheated version looks so good!
    Love the added blanch veggies!


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