Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Corn pudding

I had a can of Cream of corn that was sitting in my kitchen counter.  I didn't know what to do with it and I just kept it back into my pantry after a week of hesitation.

Then in the evening, my long time friend, A whatsapp me a picture.  She was delighted with the result of this recipe and shared her excitement with me.

What a perfect timing!  

After reading the recipe, I got into action right away as I have all the ingredients on hand and needed to bring something sweet to a luncheon the next day.  

Hubby was surprised that after cleaning up the kitchen and as I was about to sit down for my knitting that I was once again back into the kitchen.  I reckon that it is better to get this off my mind than the next morning.  

This is definitely a good recipe as the washing and preparation is so minimal.  This tasted really delicious, hub and I didn't even wait for it to chill before we dig in.

Thanks A for sharing this wonderful recipe.  Definitely a keeper.

Verdict: comments that I have gotten from taster is that this pudding has a good taste of corn.  I had added 1¼ cup sugar and still finds it on the sweet side after chilled.  So you might want to lower it if you don't have a sweet tooth.

What you need :

1 can of sweet corn cream style
1 can evaporated milk
1½ cup sugar or 1¼ for less sweet (lower to 1 cup for our preference)
3 cups of water
200g Custard powder
1½ tsp Vanilla extract


In a medium size pot, custard powder and sugar in a bowl.

Add in the water and stir with a whisk until custard powder dissolve into the water. 

Add in the rest of the ingredient and stir well. 

Cook the mixture on medium low heat, stirring all the time until mixture become very thicken, shiny and bubble appear on top.  (This takes a while)

Spoon the thick custard onto a tray and smooth the top. 

Chilled in fridge and serve cold.

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  1. Looks refreshing!Wish I could have some now,it;'s very hot here

  2. What a refreshing dessert! Can I have one, pls?

  3. This corn pudding looks simple and delicious! Perfect to have after a heavy meal.

  4. Yummy! Looks so tempting too.

  5. Yummy and refreshing. .. like that the washing and preparation minimal too ^-^!


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