Friday, 15 May 2015

Lemongrass Drink

Whenever I visit a Thai restaurant, Lemongrass is my to go-to beverage.

The fragrance hits you even before it touches your lip.  Unfortunately it is usually cloyingly sweet as the Thais have very sweet tooth.

I did try brewing this drink at home once and without much success.

After H and HC taught me the techniques, I attempted it again and was happy with the result.  Thanks girls!

Unfortunately because of a bad incident happening in my life.  I didn't get to take a photo shot immediately and hubby had to throw away the whole pitcher because something dropped in.

Ya, I should filled it in a closed bottle.  haiz... they said bad things happen in threes and now I am wondering what is my 3rd?

Anyway, I decided to make another batch.  This time round, I added in a little more lemongrass as I like mine "potent".

Now, let me dunk some ice and it will be a perfect day to have a glass of ice cold Lemongrass drink.

Verdict: I love the aroma while it was boiling.  The drink has a nice hint of lemongrass, the added pandan heighten the fragrance to this drink.  Love it.

What you need:

5 stalks of lemongrass (you can add in 3 stalks)
1 litre of water
pandan leaves
Sugar to taste (I used raw sugar)


Remove outer leaves and soak lemongrass for 1 hour to remove impurities.  (You will see lots of white powdery substance floating on the surface, if needed to, change water).

Chop the lemongrass into half.  

Bruise the stem area.

Put everything into a pot of water and bring to brisk boil for 10 mins.

Lower to a simmer (low med heat) for another 20 mins.

Sweeten with sugar and turn off heat.

Serve either hot or cold.

Are you happy that it is end of a work week?  It is also the last day of a term exam.  Now, it is party time!