Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Steam Minced pork with salted fish 鹹魚蒸豬肉

I hardly cook steam dishes for our lunch/dinner because my family has a strong flavour palate but this Minced pork with salted fish  鹹魚蒸豬肉 is always a big welcome at dinning table.

I guess it has to do with the umami of the salted fish as it adds a new dimension to a plate of ordinary tasting steamed minced pork.

My mom always tell me to marinate it with a little corn starch and also to add in a little water when mixing.  Then the meat will not turned out tough was her reasoning.

My kids also love the sauce that comes with this dish so I also added in a little more water.

This dish is so easy to prepare and fuss free.  The only setback, is you need to have everyone home on time as it is best served piping hot.

What you need:

500g minced pork
2 slices of salted fish (as picture above)
soya sauce
sesame oil
2 tsp of corn starch
3 tsp water.


Season meat with condiments.  

Place meat on plate.

Place salted fish on the meat.  Add a little water if you prefer more sauce.

Steam on high for 15 mins or until cooked.

Serve hot with rice


  1. phoa.. my hubby's gonna love love this big time! must keep must keep!

    1. Vic, i think this dish is well received by many. The salted fish really brings out the oomp factor.

  2. My mom gave me the exact same advise also, to add water into minced pork mixture which will give it a very tender texture. This looks delicious!

    1. We need to document all our mother's advice for the goodness of next generation.

  3. My stomach is actually rumbling now :) this looks so good!

    1. Cathleen, hehehe not too sure whether this will fit your palate. A very Asian dish.

  4. When I look at your steam mince meat, really... I started to drool especially looking at that salted fish.

    1. hahhaa you and I are the same, I drool over salted fish.

  5. Hi Edith,

    Love this classic plain porridge companion... Very comforting!


    1. Oh yes, why didn't I think about that.


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