Friday, 3 July 2015

Tri colour Carrot Soup 三色萝卜汤

It's been a long time since I last made this, Tri Colour Carrot Soup 三色萝卜汤.  This soup reminded me so much of my late friend, LL.  She was the one that told me that this soup is good for detoxing.  

Looking at my girl, LL had already left us for 13 long years.  To date, I still miss her especially when I cook a dish or bake something that I had done with her before.

That is why when I saw a 16 years old killed himself, I feel really sad.  Sad for the deceased and also sad for his family, for the pain will always be there, no matter long time ago.

With the weather, I am pumping my family with more soup.  

What you need:

400g spare ribs
2 carrots
1 med sized green radish
1 med sized white radish
dried oyster (optional)


Blanched spare ribs.  Set aside.

Peeled carrots, green radish and white radish.  Cut into chunks.

All all ingredients into the pot.  

Add sufficient water to cover the ingredients and bring to a brisk boil for half hour.

Lower down to a simmer and let it simmer for 3 hours.  

Season with salt




  1. I am sorry to hear about your friend. I am sure she would have liked that you continue to cook this soup. It looks fabulous.

    1. Cathleen, it will be really nice to cook this soup together with her but I guess I can never turn back the clock. Only in memory I will.

  2. Life has been in a fast pace for me these couple of weeks... Pant... Haven't had the chance to drop by. Was actually hoping to get some good bites from u but... Sigh...

    Don't some things in life just reminds us of some people and memories? Let's tuck in to the beautiful life that LL had lived when she's here.

    1. Vic, still have time. You name the place and time. :)

  3. Hi Edith,

    don't be sad... Just think about all the nice things that you have been through with your friends and think that she has left for a better place.

    Enjoy this beautiful soup.



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