Saturday, 11 July 2015

Air fried Nutella Prata

There was a period that I was very much into reading artisan bread.  I wanted to learn how to shape bread.  My interest ended when I failed to make my own natural yeast starter.  Nevertheless, I still love reading how people can come up with creative idea in braiding bread.  

In my home, frozen prata can often be found in my freezer.  I love how versatile frozen prata is.  I like the idea how quickly I can whipped out a tuna, chicken puff or Paté Chaud for lunch which my girl adores.  Strangely, I have never attempted turning it into something sweet.

Recently I saw another brilliant idea from RC. She has created a beautiful piece of edible just by using prata.  I knew I must try soon.  After all, my kiddos love Nutella and prata.

Findings: Mine didn't turn out as gorgeous as R's.  I still need more skill to learn how to make them twist nicely.

Using air fryer to do the job, I find it easy and fuss free as these days, the kids like to sleep late.  So I just prepare individual portion, freeze it and bake when they are ready to eat.  So that it is still crispy.

Thanks R for sharing this brilliant idea.

What you need:
Serve 1

2 slices of frozen prata
Egg wash


Place a baking paper on a cutting board.  

Put one piece of frozen prata on the paper and spread the nutella round it.

Cover with the second prata.

Position a glass cup in the middle and using a knife, slit 8 sections.

Holding two sections, twist two rounds.  

Brush with egg wash and bake at 190 deg for 7 mins using an air fryer.

Note: For clearer instruction on how to twist the prata, I have used Steve's Kitchen as reference.  

Happy Saturday! 


  1. This look really good Edith! Frankly, I thought it looks brilliant too. I may have made a mess out of it

    1. Vic, try it. Just need to work a little quicker than usual.

  2. This is GORGEOUS!!! I am also pretty OBSESSED with nutella, so this is perfect for me!

    1. hahaha Cathleen you can join in with my kids.


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