Monday, 26 October 2015

Sweet Potato Kintsuba

I bought the wrong type of sweet potatoes as I wanted the purple version.

This is my first time eating Sweet Potato Kintsuba so I am not sure how authentic this is.

Saw this cute little Japanese snack and decided on this.  Actually I am not a big fan of Japanese snack as too often it is very sweet.  Since I am able to make this at home, I guess I am in control.

Nevertheless, it is really easy to put together and it looks nice too.

Source: Cooking with Dog 

What you need:


200g Japanese Sweet Potatoes
1½  tbsp Sugar
A pinch of Salt


10g Shiratamako or Mochiko, sticky/sweet rice flour 
40g Cake Flour
90ml Water
A pinch of Salt

Toasted Black Sesame Seeds
Vegetable Oil


Deskin and cut sweet potatoes into large chunks.

Boil in water until it is soft.

Remove and drain.

Mash the sweet potatoes with sugar and salt.

Roll into a long oblong tube. 

In another bowl, mix mochiko flour with a little water until it form a paste. 

Add in cake flour and dilute with the remaining water.

Cut the sweet potato log into 2cm thick.

Heat a non stick pan and drizzle a little oil.

Coat the sweet potato with the batter on ONE side, sprinkle some toasted black sesame seed.

Pan fry until it is cooked.

Dip another side into the batter and pan fry.  Do this for all sides.

Cool on rack before serving.


  1. this looks really easy to prepare.. and very jappanneeeseee.... love to give this a go some time soon!

  2. A very interesting dessert. I can imagine it taste superb too. By the way could the mochiko be replaced by glutinous rice flour?


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