Sunday, 1 January 2017

Army Stew (Budae-jjigae 부대찌개)

Option 2

Army Stew (Budae-jjigae 부대찌개) is simple to prepare and yet very versatile. You can practically add anything to your liking and that is what I did for some friends who came over on New Year day.

You must be wondering why am I so lazy to keep serving one dish meal for parties.  Well, my heel spurs is pretty in bad shape and to not aggravate the pain, I must not be on my feet for too long.

Any remedy besides taking painkiller?

What you need:

Stock (option 2)
3 chicken bones
2 chicken breast
1 bulb garlic, crushed
1 onion, quartered
3 litres water
1 tsp salt

rice cake
Kimchi (I omitted this as my kids don't like)
Sweet Potato Noodle


hot pepper flakes (I omit it as my daughter cannot take too spicy)
2 tbsp hot chilli paste
3 tbsp soya bean paste


Boil chicken bones and chicken for 1 hour for option 2  

Arrange ingredients on a heating pan.  

Pour in the stock and season to taste (what I did was to season the stock first)

Bring to boil and dig in.

Happy New Year everyone!  May the new year be bless with good health and happiness.

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Geon Bae

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