Monday, 9 April 2018

Green Cincau

A year or 2 ago, I heard about Green Cincau but I never had a chance to see the end result of what this plant can do.  Then later, when I was ready to experiment, I found out that the plant was no longer there.  My friend said it was accidentally uprooted during her house revamped.

So when a gardening friend blessed me with some, I was delighted.  I wanted to see whether it yield the same as those black cincau that is available in the market because my girl loves cincau.

I also did not know that it has healing properties until a fellow gardener link a site.  This is good news especially such colon cancer is in my family genes.

I am amazed by the leave extract as it yield a slimy texture.  It does not need any setting agent at all!

This is good on a hot day as it has cooling properties (yin).

Learning: I did not break the 100g leaves into 2 blending as my blender is powerful enough to blend really fine.

What I did was after the first blend and extract, I put the dreg back into the blender with part of the extract juice and blitz for a while.  Mix the two extracts together and put into a pan to set.

I also did not skim off the top layer.

I did not eat right away after it coagulates as it was still soft so I left it overnight and hence, you can see it bathing in dark water and the jelly actually shrunk.

MH recommended we eat this with gula melaka syrup or type of sweetener.  I think added in some milk for colours!

The texture is like sponge and has a green raw taste to it.   It is a good that I added in a good dose of gula melaka and some milk.

Thanks MH for sharing your wonderful harvest!

Note to self: My friend told me that it will not have that sponge texture if by hand.  Shall try this when my plants start their production.

What you need:

50g cincau
500ml water


Wash cincau leaves and blend together with the water until fine pulp.

Sieve through a muslin cloth.

Set it in a tray overnight.


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