Tuesday 26 September 2023

五指毛桃汤 (for cough and lungs)

I developed a really bad asthmatic cough that even antibiotics can't help much.  So during a trip to visit my relatives in HK, they boiled this soup 五指毛桃汤 that is good for the lungs as well as for cough.  Using 五指毛桃 to boil soup seems a very popular choice in HK and in China. 

五指毛桃 and 牛大力 are both roots and have medical benefits to it.  I am blessed to be able to get these home-grown roots that are of the best quality.

I had consumed it for two days and it seemed to bring some relief.  Brought home another 2 portions and continued to brew this soup.  

The benefit of 五指毛桃

Strengthen the spleen, eliminate dampness, promote the flow of qi, resolve phlegm, relax the tendons, and dredge meridians.

The benefit of 牛大力

Nourish deficiency and moisturize the lungs, strengthening muscles and activating collaterals. It is often used for lumbar muscle strain, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, spermatorrhea, leucorrhea, etc
Hopefully, this nasty cough will go away before my next long trip.

What you need:
Yield: 2 persons

45g 五指毛桃 (root of hispid fig)
67g 牛大力 (Millettia Speciosa Champ)
300g lean pork
2 pcs honey date
Blanch pork.
Rinse 牛大力, 五指毛桃 and dates
Combine all ingredients and brisk boil for ½ hour.
Lower to med-high heat and continue to boil for 2½ hours.


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