Thursday, 28 March 2013

Stir fry romaine lettuce with fermented beancurd 油麦炒腐乳

When I was up in Port Dickson recuperating and went into intense swimming therapy.  I ate this 油麦炒腐乳, it tasted really good.

Initially I didn't know 油麦 is baby romaine lettuce.  As I always associated romaine lettuce with salad only.

Totally love this Stir fry romaine lettuce with fermented beancurd 油麦炒腐乳

What you need:

3 bundle of baby romaine lettuce
1 small bottle of fermented bean curd
2 cm of young ginger, slice thinnly
pepper and salt


Heat wok and add oil.  Satueed ginger and fermented bean curd till fragrant.

Add lettuce and stir fry till well coated.  

Add a just a little water, cover wok and let it simmer till vegetable just softened.

Seasoned with pepper and salt.

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