Thursday, 15 August 2013

Flourless Banana Pancake

Over at Facebook, a recipe was floating around on a flourless banana pancake.  You know how I am a sucker for pancakes.  Since I have 3 bananas left, I decided to try this recipe.

The recipe calls for 1 banana to 2 eggs.  As they didn't indicate the size of the banana, I decided to weigh mine for more accuracy. 

After adding 2 eggs to 265g banana (3 med sized bananas), I already had a bad hunch that I should stopped but my curiosity got the better of me and I went ahead and added in the 3rd egg.  Right away I knew I should have trusted my own instinct.

The batter turned out way too watery.  I wasn't successful turning it into a pancake.  It ended up more like scrambled egg and the texture is really rough.  In order not to waste the remaining batter, I added in another 2 tbsp of plain flour.  

Okay, pancake formed but I didn't like the final product.  It lacks the bite texture and it tasted soggy.  Cooking this needed a heavily oiled pan as the sugar from the banana caramelised very quickly and sticks to my non stick pan.  It also burn the pancake before it has a chance to be fully cooked as you can see from the picture.  Thus you needed a lower flame to cook this.

I don’t know whether because this works only on barely ripe banana and not a ripe banana though.

Also I mashed mine really well and thus I am not sure whether it is supposedly to be just combined.  

Will I say this is a healthy recipe?  With the butter needed to oil the pan, to me, this is definitely not. 

Will I try this again? er… let’s say I will not waste my banana on this recipe.

For those who are now experimental mode, I am leaving the following recipe for you to try as someone did it and was successful.  

Maybe you can share with me your success and let's see where I went wrong.

What you need: (please read my experience before proceeding)

1 banana 
2 eggs


Crack eggs into a bowl.  

Add in cut bananas.

Mashed into batter like. 

Oil pan and put two small laddle full into it.

Cook till it turn golden and flip over and cook until golden.


  1. This is healthy but banana will for sure stick to the pan. I did some flourless cookies with banana, it can goes into the oven but not the pan.

    1. Jozelyn, because there isn't any allergies in my family. This is one of those rare recipe I tried.

  2. I don not eat wheat, and am intrigued. I often make banana pancakes, but use some, kind of flout usually as well as milk. Keen to try and see if I can make it work! I like a challenge...

    1. Hey Karien, do try it out and let me know you succeed or am I the only one. THanks girl.

  3. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com15 August 2013 at 23:49

    This is interesting. Would love to give this a try too, Edith :)

    1. Ivy, adjust your egg as I find that it way too watery. Start with one banana in case it fail.

  4. Oh, this is cool! Interesting. I shall try. :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. test with caution. Need to modify.


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