Friday, 16 August 2013

Hei Mama Egg Tarts 黑妈妈蛋挞

My girl loves egg tarts and she has requested to bake this for a week or more but due to other commitment, I procrasinated.    Since yesterday was PSLE oral and the other primary levels are studying from home till Friday, I took the opportunity to have bonding time with her.

I have bookmarked 黑妈妈蛋挞 recipe for the longest time and finally I am able to make it.  

Prior to that, I have read about both method, the "rubbing in" and the melted butter version.  I opted for the rubbing in method as we prefer flaky texture tart. 

Verdict: I really love the egg custard but as for the crust, it is flaky and light but taste wise, personally I find it lacks the X factor of my favourite egg tart.  Hubby said it is because my tastebud is way too sharp.     What we love is that it is not sweet, just right for us and my neighbours.

One thing, I managed to get 17 tarts with no wastage on the fillings.  Yea.

Overall, this recipe is a keeper.

What you need:

120g sugar
350g water
5 eggs, lightly beaten
100g evaporated milk


Bring to water and sugar to a boil, stir until sugar dissolved.  Leave it to cool.

Add in beaten eggs and evaporated milk.  Mix well, sieve the egg mixture and set aside.


300g plain flour
2 tbsp custard powder
2 tbsp milk powder
1 tbsp sugar
1 egg
200g cold butter, cubed


Combine flour, custard powder and milk powder in a mixer and give it a quick whisk.

Place cold butter into the flour mixture and using a balloon whisk start on speed 1 and slowly bring in the flour.  Follow by med speed till butter incorporated into the flour.

Add sugar, mix well.

Add in beaten egg, mix to form a soft dough (do not knead).  Wrap with cling wrap and refrigerate before use.

Divide the pastry dough equally into 20 pieces about 30g each (depending on your mould size). Press the dough into tart moulds evenly and slightly above mould height.

Fill into the tarts till 90% full. Bake in preheated oven at 180ºC  for 20 mins.


  1. your tarts look so beautifully baked

  2. So far I only tried two egg tarts recipes and I prefer this one, both tart and the custard. U reminds me it's time to bake some egg tarts.

    1. I like the custard for this recipe alot. As for the crust, I somehow is aiming for the fragrant of my fav. Maybe that one has too high a standard. :) but nevertheless, this is still a good recipe.

  3. Hi Edith, I have also bookmarked this recipe but have forgotten about it. I like that you baked them to nice golden brown. Pretty teacup set in the background too:-)

  4. I absolutely love tarts. These look great! I have never tried an egg tart, but this makes me really want one :)

    1. Cathleen, do give it a try. It is easy and good.

  5. Looks good! I shall bookmark this and try. Thanks for sharing!


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