Monday, 5 August 2013

Cream Cheese Ice Cream

I meant to post this up earler but I have been really busy catching up with friends and sorting out the knick knacks at home.  We also had the flooring reconditioned and that is a huge project.  So let's hope I have enough energy to clean and straighten up the house before my next group of visitors.

Besides making my visitors feel comfortable, we are also a home bound family.  We enjoy staying home on weekends rather than visit the malls.  I belong to the group of people who is home proud.  I like my house to be clean, neat and warm and maybe that explains why we stayed home so much.

When we stay home, I have more energy to cook and bake for my family too and we shall talk about ice cream today.

We adore ice cream.  Every holiday, it will be our quest to find ice cream parlours/kiosk and new flavours.   In our opinion, the best is still Italy's gelato.  
I remembered eating ice cream in New Zealand, a cone will be stuffed fully with ice cream unlike here which literally just one pathetic scoop.

Back home, ever since I owned an ice cream machine, I don't buy them anymore as I find it way cheaper to churn it at home also we can ensure that there isn’t preservatives.

So here is an interesting one that I know I just need to attempt once to see whether we like it or not.

When it was freshly churned, the taste was quite strange.  After freezing it for a day, the taste developed and family all like it.  My friend D said it taste like cheesecake and I think she hit the right note.

So do give it a try and let me know whether you enjoyed this as much as we do.

What you need:
180g full fat milk
200g caster sugar
125g cream cheese
½ tsp vanilla extract
1 large egg
juice of ½ lemon
350ml double cream
50g crumbled digestive biscuits (optional)
honey (optional and based on your liking)


Heat the milk in a pan, and while it's getting warm.

Beat together the sugar, cream cheese, vanilla and egg in a bowl. Still whisking, pour the hot milk into the cream cheese mixture and pour this back into the cleaned-out pan and cook till a velvety custard.  You will need to stir it constantly.  Do the spoon test to see whether it is ready.

In another bowl, whipped double cream lightly.

Fold cream into the egg custard.

You can sweeten it further with honey.

Freeze in an ice cream maker or place into a covered container, stick it in the freezer and whip it out every hour for 3 hours as it freezes and give it a good beating

Garnish with digestive biscuit before serve.

Source: Nigella Lawson

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  1. Cream cheese ice cream! Sounds so yummy, I definitely to try this for sure :)

    1. Try it and let me know your opinion.

  2. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com5 August 2013 at 16:05

    Drooling.... this must be very delish :)

  3. I was eyeing this! and you made it!!! Yumms!

  4. Hi Edith,
    Delicious looking ice cream! Just perfect anytime of the day! Homemade are always the best. I'm sure my kids would love this as they love cheese. Thanks for linking!

    1. Truly agree with you on the homemade. At least I know what went inside it.

  5. I have done cream cheese ice cream before, never knew nigella has a recipe for one too :). You are right it actually tastes like frozen cheesecake but that's why I love it!

    1. Hahaha I didn't know that too till I went into Nigella's site and did a comparison.

  6. Hi Edith,

    This will be great for our coming summer! Love the idea of eating icy cold cheesecake in hot hot summer!


    1. Even in winter, eating ice cream appeals.


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