Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Custard Apple Ice Cream

The weather has been really humid.  What better way to beat the heat is to have a scoop of ice cream.

MA gave hubby a carton of custard apple, it was so sweet and delicious.  I love eating this fruit but the kids weren't too keen because of the seeds.  After sharing with neighbours and my parents, I still have some left and decided to turn them into ice cream.  

Hubby said I should eat it fresh because it was so good but I was also curious how it taste like in ice cream.  

Few weeks back, I tried Persimmon ice cream and it was a failure.  I should have waited for the fruit to turn really ripe before puree them.  Anyway, lesson learnt.

This time round, after deseeding the fruits, I put it in the mixer to break it down.  Then later on, I sieve it through as I wanted a creamy ice cream.

Lots of work but the end result for this Custard Apple Ice Cream is so much better.  

The taste in ice cream is not as strong as in eating the fruit by itself.  Family said it is nice though.  

Well now at least I tried once.

What you need:

1 cup custard apple puree

200g fresh milk
200g fresh cream
30g sugar to taste as the fruits is already very sweet


Deseed custard apple flesh by putting it in a mixer and give it a beat in a mixer.  Beware the seeds might fly out if you don't have a bowl guard.

Put the custard apple flesh in a sieve and try to separate the seeds and flesh.

Pour in the milk, cream and sugar (optional) into the custard apple flesh.

Stir till sugar dissolved.

Churn as per normal in ice cream machine



  1. This must be so refreshing especially during a hot sunny day :)

    1. Wow you are early. Yes let's hope today is a cooler day.

  2. Hi Edith! I'm not fond of custard apples also because I don't like the seeds haha. Too much of a hassle for me. But would love a scoop of the ice cream! :D

    1. It takes skill to eat custard apples. hehehe

  3. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com20 August 2013 at 12:11

    Hi Edith, may I have a few scopes pls...

  4. It is dfficult to find custurd apple nowadays.

    The ice cream must taste really refreshing.

    1. According to my mom, yes. But lucky for us, our vietnamese friend gave us a big box.

  5. Perfect and refreshing for a hot day! You gave me another flavour for ice-cream! Thanks!

  6. Very cool post made with patience.Nice info on Custard Apple


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