Monday 19 August 2013

Chicken Curry

Initially I wanted to have a popiah party but later on when two families couldn't make it, I changed my mind and decided to make Chicken Curry instead.   My hubby and son love curry.  With plenty of potatoes, my little one will attempt to eat some too.

Due to poor planning, getting this curry put together was time consuming for I realised that I ran out of meat curry powder when I was getting the spices ready.  Off to the supermarket to buy. 

I also remembered that mom said making curry, best is to use the Holland variety that doesn’t disintegrate into the curry.  That said, it means non floury potatoes so russet potatoes (which I have plenty) are a no for making curry.

Now will you expect that a big supermarket does not have potatoes (Holland)?  So off to another supermarket … haiz….

Finally my pot of Chicken Curry and I am glad that this goes down well with everyone.

For me, it is not the chicken that I eat in the curry.  I love the potatoes in the curry and having baguette with it.  Heavenly.

What you need:

Grind together (Sambal)

6 dried chilli
6 fresh chilli
6 small onion
3 clove garlic
3 cm tumeric
1 small pc of Belachan – toasted

3 tbsp meat curry powder } mix with 1/3 cup of water to form paste
3 tbsp chilli powder }

1 cup thick coconut milk
4 cups thin coconut milk
1 curry leave
Cooked potatoes (as many as you like)

½ chicken

Potatoes (number depend on your liking)


Put a little oil.  Fry sambal balachan & curry paste till fragrant.

Put chicken and mix well

Put diluted coconut milk, curry leave and salt to taste and boil at slow fire

Put in cooked potatoes

Boil till chicken is cooked and add thick coconut milk.  Simmer till boil.

Salt to taste



  1. Your chicken curry looks yummy! Luckily you can still manage to get your ingredients in the supermarket :)

  2. Whatever it is, your curry looks good..... I'd love to eat this with bread!

    1. Bread is a must have for me when eating curry. hahaha.

  3. Edith, thanks for visiting my blog, just come to your blog, what a nice blog. Love your curry, look so delicious to eat with rice or bread.

  4. Save that drumstick for me! Goes well with french loaf!

  5. Hello Edith, Potatoes and baguette are both a MUST too when I have chicken curry.

  6. Hi Edith! Whenever my mom cooks curry, I will always buy a packet of ready-made frozen roti prata and a loaf of French bread to go with it. After seeing your recipe, I'm so going to ask my mom to make it soon!

  7. love the colour of your curry! looks super uber tasty!


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