Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Snowskin Moooncake (cook dough method)

My first exposure to snow skin moon cake was an extremely easy to assemble recipe.  It doesn't involved cooking at all!

Was it the Singaporean's fast moving lifestyle that makes our snow skin moon cake like a premixed box?

As I went through you tubers' attempts, I realized that there are also the Snow skin Moon cake using the cooked dough method.  

This will be great especially if Kao Fen 糕粉 is not easily available in some countries or even supermarket here.   I am also thinking about my kids who like moon cakes, that should there be one day that they craved for it, they can still do it without this flour.

I was curious and wanted to find out whether this Snow skin Moon cake (cooked dough) method will yield a different texture.

This method is good for those who can't get hold of Kao Fen 糕粉 which is actually cooked glutinous rice flour.  To achieve cook glutinous rice flour, you need to dry fry your flour until it is slightly browned.  Another method is to bake it in the oven at lower temperature and you need to toss the flour every now and then to ensure even heat distribution.

Findings: The skin is soft and has a a little chewiness to it.  Even straight from the fridge, it is still soft which is one of the characteristic of a good snow skin.

Definitely a keeper for this one. 
Source: Siu Kitchen

What you need:

70g glutinous rice flour
50g rice flour
20g plain flour
250g fresh milk
50g icing sugar
40g condensed milk
10g vegetable oil


Set steamer with water and slowly bring to a boil.

Sift flours and icing sugar together.

Add in milk and stir until lump free.

Add in condensed milk and oil.  Stir until combined.

Strain into a plate.

Put onto a plate and steam for 30 mins at high heat.  Set aside to cool.

Knead until it is smooth.

Divide dough into 24 pcs.

Wrap dough with fillings of your choice.

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  1. Hi Edith, I was reading a few posts from China bloggers with similar method of making snowskin mooncake. I find it interesting to try. Is the dough sticky after steaming?

  2. Hi Edith, this way doesn;'t look difficult at all. Would love to try this method one day. The mooncakes look pretty.

  3. Hi Edith,I'm excited to try ur method,as my snowskin always getting harder after 2 days
    Thank for sharing with Best Recipes ^^

    1. Fion, I find that this harden after 3rd day.

  4. hi edith, i like that you said that it's soft even out from the fridge. The one that i bought from outside recently gets hard in the fridge. Will definately keep this recipe ! thx!

    1. Lena, ya this stays soft straight out from fridge.

  5. Really interesting, pinned for trying later or next year:P

  6. Hi Edith, I tried the cooked dough method for my snow skin mooncake too. It was best on the first and second day. But thereafter, the skin turns hard, in fact much harder than the non-cooked method (I had another batch of snow skin made from non cooked). Felt rather puzzled, cos the cooked dough method has much more water content in the dough.

    1. Hi, if I didn't recall wrongly, this was slightly hard on the 3rd day but since I made just one recipe, we actually ate all by then. I believe it is the gluten that makes it hard.

    2. It was so soft on the first day and I was overjoyed, only to find that it hardened subsequently. I asked Christine ( the recipe that I tried) and she advised to keep the mooncake in the freezer instead, and bring to room temp before serving. Not sure if this helps


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