Monday, 1 September 2014

Steam milk 燉奶

I have many egg whites in the freezer and wanted to clear off some.   

My first attempt in creating this Steam milk 燉奶 that I love whenever I visit Hong Kong.  

I always thought that this is difficult to made but now I know it isn't.

Do you like this as well?  Next attempt will be steam egg which is another hot favourite of mine.

I like mine cold, what about you?

Findings: This is super delicious.  It is silky and soft.  Next round, I will remove the cling wrap immediately after steamed to avoid water droplets dropping onto the milk.

What you need:
Serve 2

250ml fresh milk
2 tbsp sugar
66g egg whites

½ tsp of vanilla 


Warm milk.  DO NOT BOIL.

Add in sugar and stir until dissolved.  Taste accordingly.
Beat egg white with chopstick to break down the albumen.   Sieve twice.

Pour egg white into the milk and stir slowly to combine.

Pour into steaming vessel.   Remove any bubbles if any.

Cover the bowl with either cling wrap or a lid. 

Once water is boiling in the steamer, place covered bowls in it and steam over medium heat for 15 mins.  Once set, turn off heat and let it sit for another 5 mins. 

Remove.  Either serve hot or cold.

Suffering from Monday Blues?


  1. What an intriguing recipe, Edith. I'm on an egg white kick, I'd love to try this! Thanks so mud for sharing...

    P.S. If you have any leftover egg yolks you want to use I just posted a sugar cookie recipe on my blog that just uses yolks!

    1. Louise, I never have problem with left over yolks as I made alot of ice cream. But egg white is a challenge! hahaha

  2. Hi Edith,

    This is new to me! At first glance, your steamed milk really look like tau fu fah and of course, I know it is not because I saw your title before looking at your pic :p


    1. Zoe, it is as silky as Tau fu fah. So far my luck with Tau Fu Fah is bad. :(


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