Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Snow cake 雪花糕

Some time back, I saw a FB group member posted this Snow Cake 雪花糕.  I was intrigued by the name as it sounded so light and melt in the mouth.  I bookmarked it.

Been having this problem that I bookmarked so many recipes to attempt but yet to find the motivation or the time.  These days, I guess I am getting lazier by the day.

Guess it will be better when this PSLE exam is over and then I can focus more on cooking and baking for the family.

Findings: It didn't indicate how long to cook and mine didn't thicken as what recipe indicated.  Was afraid that the cream will split if I cook any much further.  Thus mine didn't thicken.  The smell of gelatine was pretty strong so I added in some vanilla.

I tasted mine without coconut and it was really yummy.  More like a jello rather than cake.

Shall let my family taste this tonight.

Source: FB Group by Jasmine Yong

What you need:

90g fresh milk
150g coconut milk
150g fresh cream
30g castor sugar
12g gelatine


In a small pot, add in fresh cream and bring to warm. 

Add in sugar and gelatine.  Stir until it dissolved.

Add in coconut milk and fresh milk.  Stirring in the same direction using low heat.

Remove from heat once it thickens and set aside to cool a little.

Using cling wrap, lay a layer onto the tray to remove easy removal.

Pour milk mixture into tray.  Set aside to cool.

Place inside fridge for 1 - 2 hours.

Remove and cut into pieces.

Roll them over desiccated coconut.


  1. um, this is interesting,,, i thought i vaguely saw someone post this but couldnt find it again... great u tried it.. bookmarking this

    1. Yes Vic I have trouble locating recipes on Facebook Group as the threads go by so fast. These days I tried to copy if possible but being a tech nerd, it is a challenge esp on smart phone.

  2. Edith , I can relate ! I can't keep up with my bookmarked recipes :P Those snow cake reminds me of lamingtons . Btw , I tried your chocolate snow skin ( mooncake ) recipe , the one from your old blog , just the skin and it was really good ! I haven't written the post yet , can't think of what to write ugh ! I'll give you a linkback when I put it up . Thanks in advance for the awesome recipe ;D

    1. Thanks Anne for trying out the chocolate snow skin. You have reminded me to revisit this recipe again for this year. I think I might be able to squeeze in some time for it. :)

  3. Hi Edith, this name 雪花糕 immediately pops up my childhood images ... my mom and some of my big sisters used that cold white soft cream to apply on their faces is called雪花膏. This edible雪花糕 looks yummy !

    1. hahaha... yes when I was translating this word, I was also thinking about 雪花膏. Actually that 雪花膏 commerical lead to me having a broken nose. LOLz.


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