Monday, 12 August 2013

五仁 moon cake (Baked)

This post was written last year but since Mooncake Festival is round the corner, you might want to try this.  Also I wanted to slowly migrate those worthy recipes from my old blog to here for recording purposes.

My mom loves *五仁 moon cakes. I decided to bake her some. After all, the past years, I have never attempted on baked moon cakes as what I understand is that you need an oven with different top and bottom heat to attain that lovely even toned golden brown that a good moon cake should have.

Getting together the ingredients is not that easy as I have to make a special trip down to town. The shop ran out of olive seed (榄仁). According to the man, the market retail price is S$100/kg now and it is out of stock! So I actually bought some pine nuts to substitute it.

Since it is home made, I guess that perfection will never be able to achieved. I will trade quality over looks anytime. Will you?

Here is my attempt on the 五仁月饼

This I bring it along when I met up with DK this morning for some discussion over a project that I am embarking on.

Her feedback is that it is good except that the pastry is a little dry. I think I will have to leave it for a few days to give a final verdict as baked moon cakes actually cannot be consumed freshly baked. It has to “rest” to give that 游水look.

Initially I was worried about the uneven tone. I blamed it on my oven but after a few hours, the colour seems to look nicer (even though it is still not commercial standard) but I am happy with the presentation.

I thank the invention of the plunger system mould.  It sure makes the whole moon cake making process a breeze. 

Overall, this is relatively easy to put together.  I think even beginners will have no problem.

Stay tuned for snowskin version.

* Note: 

Five kernel (五仁, wǔ rén)) : A filling consisting of 5 types of nuts and seeds, coarsely chopped, is held together with maltose.

Modified from source

What you need:

100g almonds, toasted and chopped
100g walnuts, toasted and chopped
100g melon seeds, toasted
100g white sesame, toasted
100g pine nuts, toasted
150g candied melon, diced small
3 pcs barbecued meat, diced small
3 pcs candied mandarin orange, diced small


3 tbsp rose wine
2 tbsp cognac
3 tbsp peanut oil
1 tbsp light soya sauce
3 tbsp rose flavoured sugar (avail in Sun Lik @ 200g for S$2.50)
1/2 tsp salt
3 tbsp castor sugar (you might want to increase to 4 tbsp but since I am giving it to my mom I held back)
130g fried glutinous rice flour (
10 Tbsp. water


400g Hong Kong flour
40g corn flour
130g corn oil * I will increase this to 135g as I still find the texture dry after 3 days
300g golden syrup



Put all dry ingredients into a big bowl and mixed well.

Add in the seasoning and mixed again. Let it rest for 10 mins and round them into balls. (mine is 30g). Set aside.


Mixed dough ingredients in a med sized bowl till dough formed and let it rest for 1 hour (form into balls of 20g)

Preheat oven to 200 degree.

Wrap fillings with dough. Easing the dough to close up on the fillings.

Place on baking tray and spray lightly with water onto moon cakes.

Bake for about 10mins

Remove moon cakes from oven and let it cool down for approx 2 mins before brushing with egg glaze.

After brushing with egg glaze, continue baking at 175 deg for another 10 mins. or till golden in colour.

Remove and cool. 



  1. Edith, you are giving us early motivation to prepare for the soon to come mooncake festival! This nutty mooncake is my aunt's favourite but sadly I don't share her enthusiasm. Bravo to you for baking your own mooncakes. I love the lotus paste ones with salted egg yolk. Yum!

    1. Yah PH, I thought might be able to give some inspiration. hehehe... it is my mom's fav too. I love lotus paste with salted egg yolk too but not brave enough to attempt on that one. Perhaps this year.

    2. Edith, can I check the rose wine, is this a Chinese cooking wine, I saw it @ SS supermkt but just want to confirm that I get tge right wine & also can I use rum since I dont hv cognac. Tks for the recipe.

    3. For me, any chinese cooking wine is fine. Use myer rum will be better.

  2. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com12 August 2013 at 23:29

    Hi Edith, of all the many types of mooncake, this is my most favourite. Already imagining myself having this with a cup of hot green tea :)

  3. Hello... Your ideas and pics are beautiful! I have tried, unsuccessfully to make mooncakes, several times. I cannot convert metric to standard measure. I have tried the online converters, and failed. If you could find it in your heart to list standard measurements for your US admirers, we would so appreciate it...

    1. Hi L.T. thanks for dropping by. As there is a difference between cup measurements in some countries, to avoid confusion, all my recipes are either in metric or already converted from cup measurement to metric. As for this recipe, it is pretty forgiving, you can use general conversion and adjust by feel of the dough.

  4. Please publish standard (non-metric) measurements for your USA admirers ... LOVE your ideas and pictures :-)


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