Sunday, 13 October 2013

Brie Bites

In 1993, I got to know this German family while backpacking in Europe.   They welcomed me into their home and I got to experience the German culture whole-heartedly.  

I also took the opportunity to help out in one of their 3 days catering event in Bruges and that was an eye opener for me.

I used to pair wine with Brie and crackers but I got to find out how beautifully Brie paired off with fruits as well.  I also got to sample fried Camembert which was so delicious!

Since I have a slice of Brie in the fridge, I decided I shall serve Brie Bites for breakfast and present it differently to my family.  

What you need:

4 flour tortillas
1 pcs of Brie


Cut Brie thinly.

Slice Bananas

Heat up a non stick pan and then place a pcs of tortilla in it under low heat.  Brown one side and flip over.

On the browned side, spread the Nutella on it and place brie and bananas.  (your choice of toppings)

Fold into halves and continue to brown the tortilla and flip over the other half.

Fold it into quarter and browned the remaining side.  By now your cheese already melted and banana soften.

Serve hot.


  1. Brie is one of my favourite cheese.

  2. I used to love this with wine.

  3. wow... I definitely will love this!

    1. Great let me know whether you like it.


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