Saturday, 5 October 2013

Futomaki and California Maki

The day is so hot but yet I am having a cold.  For weeks, I tried to take a power nap but always failed.  Today I managed to take a nap!  Guess I am feeling under the weather.

So I opted something easy for dinner.  In the past, I done some really simple sushi but today I decided to add more stuff to our sushi.

We didn't have any unagi on hand but we did have bacon and it turned out to be a right choice. 

Also my first time making Atsuyaki Tamago.  In the past, I didn't like this sweet omelette but I am staring to like it with sushi.

Actually I done quite a bad job today on the rolling.  Somehow I can roll them as compact as I wanted to. 

Nevertheless, if you ignore the presentation, the Futomaki turned out really nice.

I have some avocado in the fridge and so I tried my hand on California Maki.  It was a challenge coating those roe so I think I need to do some reading on this.

This oil free meal is worth considering now when I feel lazy.  Going to teach the kids how to whip out this for themselves if the need arise.

What you need:

Sushi rice

300ml rice
300ml water
1 tbsp mirin
1 small piece of konbu


Cook rice as per normal.

Sushi vinegar

50ml vinegar
2 tbsp sugar


Once rice is cooked, drizzle sushi vinegar all over the rice.  Fluff it with a rice scoop.

Atsuyaki Tamago (Rolled Omelet)

2 eggs
1 tbsp Sugar
A pinch of Salt
Olive Oil


Please refer to Cooking with Dog video

I am submitting this to Asian Food Fest #1 : Japan

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