Friday, 25 October 2013

Mango & Pomelo Dessert (楊枝甘露)

The other day, I bought a pomelo but was disappointed with the taste as it wasn't as sweet as promised by the vendor.  A few days later, I saw some really beautiful honey mangoes while during my grocery shopping.  Bingo, I immediately know how to finish up the not so satisfying pomelo!  

We shall have 楊枝甘露 as dessert.   After all, we haven't eaten this for quite a while.

What you need 

1kg mango (without the seed) 
300g pomelo (removed seeds and skin, break them into tiny pieces) 
1 carton of mango juice 


Cut the mango into cubes, leaving 300g to liquify. 

Put the 300g mango into a blender and add in half carton of mango juice. Blend. 

Mix the mango cubes, pomelo and mango juice. 

Chill and serve cold.

Happy Friday!


  1. Nice! My Friday will be happier if I had a bowl of this now

  2. Edith, This sounds so easy and yummy! Would love to try it soon :)
    Thanks for sharing.


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