Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Soya milk (thicker) 豆奶

My family love soya milk.  My daughter will opt for this rather than those carbonated water. 

Actually from the puff, steam beancurd, fried bean curd to bean curd pudding, my family loves them all.   Now, we can cook these more often as my helper is no longer with us.  She detests the above. 

These days, I hardly had a chance to buy nice traditional soya milk or bean curd pudding for my family except the  prepack or modern soya bean puddings .   As the good ones are not nearby my place.  Hubby was just reminiscing how we used to have 2 big packets of takeaway soya milk and drink them as and when we want.

In fact, personally I love the traditional far better than the modern ones.  The taste somehow is different from prepack.

Thus when I have a chance, I always make my own.  It is thicker and free from all those artificial flavouring.

As from my blog post here, I now switched to organic soy bean due to the GMO issue.  So now I can drown my family with soy milk without worrying about the side effect from these GMO product.

For this particular recipe, I needed a thicker milk so I have reduced the water to half.

What you need:
200g soy beans
1000ml water
Pandan leaves (4 - 5)

Sugar to taste


Soak soy beans overnight. Discard soaking water.

Put all the beans into a blender with 500ml water. Blend until very fine, for about 2 minutes. (I divide this into two because my blender couldn't take it all)

Pour blended beans into a muslin bag and using your hand to press to extract milk.

Repeat blending process with another 500ml water, and extract milk.

*** You can Choose to combine 1st and 2nd extract together. I find that using just the second extract, the soy taste is not strong. Thus for further, I will just both the 1st and 2nd extract.

Put extracted milk into a pot/saucepan and put in a pandan leaf(stripped and tied into a knot).

On medium heat, bring it to a boil.

Be very careful and watch the pot carefully. The milk overflows easily when it’s boiling.

Season with sugar.

This post is linked to the event, Little Thumbs up organised by Doreen from my little favourite DIY and Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids, hosted by Mich of Piece of Cake at this post.



  1. Looks rich and creamy, I would love to make my own too. Think I need to get one of those super duper blenders...

    1. Mich, I don't think you need super duper blender. Any blender will do. Just need lots of wrist power to extract the juice though. This round, I gotten hubby to help and the result was amazing.

  2. Hi Edith, I love anything that is made from soy beans. It is good you made the drinks yourself. Most stalls sell very diluted soy milk.

    1. Lian, you are right. These days, the soy milk from stalls are so diluted and sweet.

  3. Love home made soya as it's healthy and nutritious.

  4. Edith, I love soy bean and tofu. Will definitely try this for my family.

    1. Ann, try it. Def better than outside purchase.

  5. Hi Edith,

    I remember my family used to make lots of soy milk and tofu fa when I was growing up in Singapore. We like to keep them in the fridge being icy cold and enjoy these healthy treats whenever we want... Sadly, we don't do that anymore...

    Nice of you to make all these for your daughter... I think of my mum a lot seeing what you did :)


  6. yes, definately love homemade soy. taste so much richer compared to the ones from outside. I drink soy milk a lot too but lazy, sometimes just get it from stores or coffee shops...cant help it :)

    1. I think Malaysia's is still not as bad our Singapore's. Ours too commercialised till lose its quality.

  7. Hi Edith,
    Agreed with you the traditional is so good.

  8. Hi Edith, this is definitely a great arm-training exercise for me, squeezing all the soy milk out!


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