Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Black Chicken Herbal Soup 乌鸡汤

For our Yuan Xiao gathering (last day of Lunar New Year), my mom prepared Chicken with Abalone Soup.  After that, my kids can't stop commenting that they missed their grandma's soup.  婆婆的汤太棒了!

Yes, I haven't been boiling soup for my family.  I am sure my mom disapproves of that.  It is hard to match mom’s standard especially when my kids always use that as their benchmark.  For me, it is a heavy pressure to churn out a pot of nice soup that please my kids.

As I was queuing to buy chicken, I decided to grab a black chicken. First thing that came to mind was Black Chicken Herbal Soup, something that I like very much when my mom prepared for us when young.

Gosh I didn't expect the herbs to be so expensive.  For the blue dates (藍枣) it cost me S$5 for a mere 72g and the Huai Shan was S$3.5 for 100g.   Now I am wondering whether I can substitute blue dates with black dates instead when I am done with that 72g.

I decided to use a slow cooker to boil this for 100% successful rate.  

Totally no regrets!  

What you need:
Serve 4

1 black chicken (skinned, cut into 4)
38g Huai Shan
40g wolfberries
3 blue dates (藍枣), deseed
3 slices ginger
1 litre water


Blanch chicken with hot water and rinse with water.

Rinse huai shan, wolfberries and blue dates.

Add all into the double boiler and let it cook for 6 hours or more.

Season with salt.  

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  1. now i truly need this! you are so right.. this is such a "mom's dish".... thanks for sharing this! bookmarked


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