Sunday, 30 March 2014

Stuffed Lotus Root

Instead of dining out today, I decided to cook as son is finally home for dinner.  Ever since he works, I am seeing him losing weight.  Strangely eating junk food should be the other way round isn't it?

Trying out something different but my mission was not very successful as I sliced the lotus root too thickly.  A phobia as recently I had a bad cut on my finger.

This dish I recalled my mom made it before and we really like it but unfortunately, my son didn't.  :(

What you need:

250g Lotus Root
Cake Flour or All Purpose Flour for dusting
150g Ground Pork 
1 tsp Ginger Root, Grated
2 tbsp Long Green Onion, Chopped
⅓ tsp Sesame Oil
1 tsp Sake
2 tsp Potato Starch


4 tbsp Cake Flour or plain flour
1 tbsp Potato Starch
¼ tsp Baking Powder
4 tbsp Ice Water
Vegetable Oil

Sauce (this sauce is good)

Soy Sauce
Karashi Hot Mustard (I replaced with mustard)


Deskinned the lotus root, cut off the tips.  Sliced about 5 mm thick.  remember to match each slice.

Pat dry the lotus root and lay them on a disposable kitchen towel.  

Dust with cake flour.

Marinate the minced pork for 1/2 hour.

Divide the pork on the lotus root.  One slice with meat and one slice blank.  Press the minced pork firmly onto the lotus root and cover it with the other slice of lotus root. (please refer to video if unclear).  Press firmly.

Prepare the batter (personally I find the consistency different from the video).

Heat wok with 1" of oil.  

Coat the lotus root "sandwich) with the batter and fry them until golden brown on each side.

Serve with sauce.



  1. Interesting! Bet getting the pork into the little lotus holes is the most challenging part.

  2. It sounds interesting! Have to try someday for the family!

    1. Try it and let me know whether your family like it.


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