Monday, 28 April 2014

Chicken with abalone and scallop soup

Mom has been complaining that I am not cooking soup for the family.  

When she was in Hongkong two weeks ago, her friend recommended her to buy this Abalone trimmings.  The friend told her that it is as good as adding abalone for making soup so mom bought a packet for me to try.

True enough, this seriously tasted really good.  Just like if I put a whole abalone in to cook and I only used 6 pcs of this trimmings.

My family did enjoy this Chicken with abalone and scallop soup 鸡鲍鱼汤 at a fraction of the price!

What you need:

Serve 8

2 chicken breast with skin removed
6 pcs abalone trimmings
3 pcs dried scallops
8 bowls water


Blanced chicken with boiling water.

Soak abalone trimmings for 10 mins.

Using a slow cooking pot, add in the chicken, abalone trimmings and dried scallops.

Fill water to cover the ingredients. 

Slow simmer overnight.

Note: If you are using gas to cook this soup, min cooking time is 4 hours.  (refill water when low).


  1. Hi Rumbling Tummy,

    I wld like to check with you, do you think I can use canned baby abalone? can I used the canned abalone water to cook?


    1. I have never used canned baby abalone before but for normal canned abalone, the water is rather salty.

    2. Hi,
      Thks for the reply.


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