Monday, 9 June 2014

Mango Pudding 芒果布丁

Mango are in abundance this season.  Seeing how flourish my neighborhood's mango trees are, I wish I had one too.

While doing my grocery shopping, I saw some Philippines mangoes on sales.  It was so cheap and fragrant!  Boy I seriously missed those days whereby hubby will lugged back a huge carton home after his business trip.  

Compared to the last mango I had which was from Pakistan (a total disappointment), Philippines mangoes are the best that I had eaten so far.  

I was craving for mango pudding 芒果布丁 found in Dim Sum restaurant.  Totally love it.   

What you need:
yield 10 serving

250ml warm water (divide into two)

20g gelatin powder
250g mango puree
300g mango cube
½ tsp lemon juice
120g sugar (adjust according to your preference)
½ cup evaporated milk (1 can)


In a small glass bowl, sprinkle gelatin powder over 125ml warm water. Let the gelatin absorb the liquid and bloom. Set aside. 

Cut mangoes.  Set aside 250g and 300g.

Put 250g mango flesh into a blender and add in ½ tsp lemon juice and blend into puree.  Set aside.

Use a medium saucepan, add in evaporated milk with sugar.  With low heat, bring it to a gentle simmer and stir until sugar is dissolved.

Off the heat and add in the soaked gelatin into the pan to combine until gelatine is dissolved.

Add in mango puree and mix well.

Add in mango cubes and mix well.

With a large spoon/ladle, pour the pudding mixture into your serving cups. 

Cover with cling wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours or overnight for the puddings to completely set.

Serve cold or garnish with fresh mangoes and whipped cream or a sprig of mint leave. 


  1. I love mango pudding as well and I think now is the season of mango, in KL selling so cheap as well, 3 kg for RM 10.

  2. Edith, The weather is so terribly hot these days! Good to have a cup of your cool mango pudding :)


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