Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tomato Sour Plum

3 years ago when we first moved in, we invited our friends from the club to come over for a potluck gathering and H brought this interesting item.  Should I call it appetizer?

Though I don't really fancy sour plum on its own.  I do like it with lime juice or this Tomato Sour Plum.

I think this snack or appetizer was originated from Taiwan and it is extremely easy to put together that is if you find the sour plum.  

When you want it, you can't find and when you don't, it is everywhere!  I never dreamt that locating sour plum was tough.  Went into a supermarket, walked round three times and you won't believe that they don't sell any at all.  Then I cruise round the area and I cannot locate a shop that sells.  I had to make another trip to another heartland shop to buy it.  Of course then I wasn't given much choices.

There are two ways to do this.  Either you chopped up the sour plum, make a hole in the centre of the tomatoes and stuff as much chopped sour plum into it or like me I took the easy way out.

Nevertheless, both methods taste the same.

I finally put everything together and guess what, it is so addictive that I finished up the whole bowl before my daughter comes home.  

Okay I am off to prepare another batch for her to snack on.  Let's hope I can trick her to eat more tomatoes.

What you need:

Tomatoes (I used honey cherry tomatoes)
Sour plum (my only option was these seedless ones)


Wash tomatoes, slit it open.  Do not cut all the way.  

Cut sour plum into quarters. Depending on how big your sour plum.

Insert into tomatoes.  Let it sit in the fridge for an hour or more and it will taste even better.

Chill before serving.