Friday, 26 September 2014

2 ingredients Pizza Dough 简易比萨饼

When I saw Nasi Lemak Lover posted this 2 ingredients Pizza Dough 简易比萨饼 recipe.  I knew right away I have to make this.  Why?  Well, because I need to clear off these two things in my pantry and fridge!  

Just perfect timing it was as I was always looking for a new pizza dough recipe to finish off the salami and cheeses I had.

Findings: I used Greek Yoghurt so my dough wasn't so wet.  It takes approx 10 mins to get a smooth dough by kneading on a mixer.  It is relatively easy to handle as it doesn't shrink back after rolling, thus you are able to shape.  

I divide the dough into 4 portions and yield 4 6" pizza.  It could be that I rolled too thinly thus I didn't get that fluffy texture but the outer crust is indeed crispy.

My family didn't think this was the best pizza dough but I think it is good enough to satisfy an immediate craving.

Always I baked this in an air fryer at 180°C at 12 - 15 mins.

Recipe source: Instagram – sherynntay and Nasi Lemak Lover

What you need:
yield 4 6" round

300g self raising flour 
250g Greek or natural yoghurt 
extra flour, polenta or corn meal for dusting the board 


In a mixer (the dough is sticky hence advise to use mixer or bread machine), combine the flour and yoghurt and bring together to form a dough (about 10mins).

Turn onto a floured surface, lightly dust flour on the dough, divide the dough into portions, shape into round pizza.

Place on a lined baking pan, add toppings as desired, bake at 200°C for 15mins. 

I am getting excited each day as the high of counting down to the last day of PSLE is getting nearer and nearer.  

Are you?



  1. hi , i have also tried out the same recipe and baked in air fryer but 180C for 12 mins but my pizza base is still white in color as the top aldready brown.
    Do you have the same problem ? i am using buffalo smart air fryer. thanks a lot

    1. No I do not have this problem as I air fried it in the basket that allows the air to ventilate through.

  2. I will definitely be trying this simple dough - thank you!

    1. If you are looking a good pizza this recipe is not for you but if you are short of time and wanted a pizza, this might satisfy that moment.


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