Saturday, 27 September 2014

Red Bean Crystal Bun 红豆水晶包

Few weeks ago, hubby brought me to Alexandra Village for breakfast after dropping off my girl for her PSLE oral.

There I chanced upon one of favourite stall selling Red Bean Crystal Bun 红豆水晶包.  This stall used to be in Tiong Bahru and I will usually get the red bean ones after my meal.

It is hard to come by and I was delighted but unfortunately I was too early and the stall was still in preparation.  Bummer.

Couldn't shake off the crave so have to make it myself.  Strangely on the net, there isn't much resources that I can refer to or perhaps I am not good at searching this information.


My first attempt, my Red Bean Crystal Bun 红豆水晶包 was pretty, it has this glassy looks but the texture is slightly different from what I am looking for.

The second attempt, totally do not live up to its name.  It is more opaque and doesn't has that see through looks.  As for the texture, it is hard.

Both dough is easy to put together and rolled.  For the first attempt, I wasn't able to gauged time how much time I needed to get all the 12 pcs done, I started my steamer a tad too late.  Some of the crystal bun started to split.  So my advice is to start the steamer rolling before you wrapped.

My girl likes the first attempt despite it lacks that texture, then again, it could be because she has never tasted the actual one.

So I will be sharing the below recipe.  Should anyone knows how to make this, please share your knowledge with me, if you don't mind.


What you need:
yield 12 mini 

20g cornstarch
20g wheat starch
60g boiling water
1/4 tsp oil
Red bean paste


Divide red bean paste into 14g each and roll into ball.  Set aside.

Put the two flours into a bowl.  

Add in boiling water and oil.

Mix until all combined.  As it is hot, I use a spatula with a press and fold method.

Then cover and let it rest for 5 mins.

Heat steamer.

Knead until it forms a smooth dough.

Divide dough into 8g each.

Wrap red bean with dough and coat with a layer of oil.

Set it on a banana leaf.

Steam on high for 5 mins.  Turn off heat and let it rest for another 5.

Remove and serve.



  1. Rumbling Tummy,

    For the glassy look, substitute cornstarch with potato starch. A old friend of mine use to make this kind of glassy bun but didn't learn how to make it when I got the chance to.


    1. Thanks Stephie. I will definitely try again with your recommendation.

  2. it is very pretty.. like my school days marble... yes, i'd also recommend potato starch for the chewiness... its still very presentable anyhow :D

  3. hi, i tried to chk online, mostly the same recipe. Hope you will succeed in making the texture that you wanted on your next try..


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