Monday, 23 February 2015

Cempedak Butter Cake

I ordered a batch of butter for my CNY bakes but I didn't had time to use them up because of the spring cleaning so decided to bake a butter cake instead because those were good quality butter and should taste good.

I had Durian Butter Cake before and I thought it will taste just as nice if I baked it into a Cempedak Butter Cake instead.

A blunder happened ..... I forgotten to add my flour into the batter!  I only added in after the egg white but if I ignored it completely, I know my cake is going into the bin.  

To bet on that small chance, I incorporated the flour in last and waited for miracle.

Praying hard that my cake will at least be decent enough to eat because Cempedek is expensive and so was my butter!  Definitely my heart will pain if I binned it.

Luckily, the cake formed and raised and the taste is really good.  The fragrance of the cempedek perfumed my kitchen while baking.  

Verdict: As flour was incorporated last, I was afraid that the cake will be deflated but luckily it didn't.  It is moist and soft, only set back was it was very crumbly.

Overall, it is good.

What you need:

230g butter
150g castor sugar
8 egg yolks
210g plain flour
15g baking powder
300g cempedak flesh (puree)

5 egg whites
35g castor sugar


Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add egg in one at a time.

Add in cempedek puree to the batter.

Sift in flour and baking powder and mix until incorporated.

Whisk egg white and sugar until stiff.

Fold 1/3 egg white into yolk batter.  Then the remaining egg whites.

Bake at 170 deg for 35 - 40 mins in 9" pan.



  1. Hey Edith, wishing you & your family a very Happy Chinese New Year dear. This is such delicious & addictive treat. Bet your family loves it. Somehow, the cake turns out great.... lucky you. haha.... I am as forgetful as you do. I wonder is married women became so forgetful so soon these days???? haha....
    Best wishes, Kristy

    1. Hahahah Kristy. you are funny and sorry for missing your post. I am not only forgetful but inconsistent.

  2. This is such a (long forgotten) classic. It's hard to find chempedak. Do you think it works with nang ka?

    1. Personally, I find that Chempedak and nangka has different texture. Also I think chempedak has more fragrance. You can try and let me know the outcome with nangka. You might create a new cake wave. :)

    2. Sorry Ann for missing your post.

  3. hi, good day, i dnt get abt the whisk egg white. do i add 1/3 in egg yolk or the batter in 3 portion? TQVM

    1. The standard procedure of blending in egg whites and egg yolk batter is to start with 1/3 of meringue (whisked egg white) into yolk mixture, blend to "loosen" the batter and then complete with the remaining meringue.

      Hope this clear your doubt.


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