Monday, 25 May 2015

Italian Fruit Pudding 意大利水果布丁 (agar agar)

Ever since GL introduced you tube to me 3 years ago, I am now a die hard fan   (Yes I am a very late bloomer).  I have learnt so much from all these generous you-tubers.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion.

The other day, I grabbed a few punnets of fruits and initially plan for fruit tart but now I decided to change plan and make this Italian Fruit Pudding 意大利水果布丁 that I saw on a you-tube channel.

It is so pretty and definitely will look nice on the dinner table.

Oh, btw I don't know how or why it is named so.  I had done a brief check and draw blanks.

If you know why, please enlighten me.

Finding: My first batch I used 10g of gelatine as stated in Tinrry's site but unfortunately mine didn't set well.

Thus for my second attempt, I had replaced it with agar agar powder.  Thus it didn't give a clear jelly appearance.

I will try again soon using gelatine powder.

Inspired: Tinrry
What you need:

Fruits of your choice.
1 tbsp castor sugar
1 tbsp rum

900ml water
a sprig of peppermint leave
1 packet of agar agar)
100g sugar

Fruits: kiwi, raspberry, blueberry, orange, mango


Cut fruits into bite size.

Place cut fruits on a big plate.

Sprinkle castor sugar (1 tbsp) over fruits.   

Follow by rum and mixed fruits and sugar.   Set aside.

Mix gelatine powder with sugar and stir well to combine.

In a pot, bring water and peppermint leave to a boil.

Remove peppermint leaves.

Stir in gelatine powder mixture.  Mix until gelatine dissolved and turned clear.

Scoop fruits onto serving cup.  (do not add in the syrup).  Filled about 1/3 of the serving cup.

Once gelatine mixture is cool slightly, add into fruits.  (Do not add boiling gelatine mixture as it will cook the fruits).  It should fill about half of the cup.  Swirl a little to ensure gelatine coat fruits.

Fill more fruits.

Chill in fridge.

Serve cold.

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Happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful colour & refreshing of fruit pudding dessert!

  2. Hi Edith, this looks absolutely beautiful and refreshing! Thanks for sharing it to BREE!

    1. Hi Aunty Young, I had fun. Thanks for organising it.

  3. Very colourful fruit pudding dessert. It reminded me of the Konnyaku jelly that I made for my kids when they were kiddies.

    1. Yes but the texture is not the same. Less wobbly.

  4. Is there a book for sale. I really want to purchase from Tinrry.

    1. Jennifer, I don't know whether she sells book but her video is easily found in You Tube.


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