Saturday, 6 June 2015

Okinawan Donuts (Sata Andagi)

My family loves deep fried stuff.  Ever since I have the air fryer, such treats vastly decreased.   Having said that, there are certain deep fried treats that only deep fried in oil can be attained.  One such is Okinawan Donuts.

I only visited Hokkaido in Japan so I don't know what Okinawan has to offer but I think this donut is one of their highlight.

I always wanted to buy a small pot for deep frying.  Somehow, it is hard to find them here.  Saw a cast iron one from Taka the other day but the sales person didn't know how to bring it down from the high shelf.  I am not kidding you, it did happened.  In the end, I walked away.   

So if you see something like this in Singapore, can you let me know please.  Thanks.

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What makes this Okinawa Donut is that we need to achieve the cracked surface as it represent smiles.  

Findings: At 150°C, I find it takes too long to cook even though the author suggested it.   The dough don't seems to expand.  For the second batch, I increased to 180°C and the dough was able to expand beautifully.  Initially I was worried that it won't "smile" due to the high heat but my doubt was unfounded.  

Texture wise, it does not have a donut texture. It has a very crispy outer. Inner is like a biscuit and I am not sure whether I over worked the batter that resulted in this.

Nevertheless, these donuts did smile so at least I get a 50% for this test.
Someday, I wish to set foot into Japan and visit other part of the region but in the meantime, I shall enjoy this Okinawan Donut with a cup of tea and hopefully one day, I get to eat the real thing.

What you need:

110g cake flour
½ tsp baking powder
1 egg 
60g sugar (I reduced this to 50g)
½ tbsp vegetable oil

Oil for frying


Whisk egg and sugar until sugar dissolved.

Add in the vegetable oil and whisk to combine.

Sift cake flour and baking powder together.

Add into egg batter and slowly fold in the flour.  DO NOT OVERMIX.

In a pot, heat oil to 150°C. (I increased the temperature to 180°C)

Oiled hand and scoop a ping pong ball size of batter into your hand.  Roll into a ball and add into the oil.

Fry until golden brown without touching it.  The donut will turn by itself.


So today I end this post with plenty of smiles for you.

Happy Weekend.


  1. Oh does that pot comes with a thermometer? What a great innovation! I would love to have that pot to deep fry stuff too, so much more convenient, no need to agar the temperature!

    1. Jas, I don't know but it will be nice if it comes with it. :) I used a candy thermometer for the above recipe.


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